Would you rather choose to work self-employed or for an employer in a typical 9 to 5 job with a monthly salary?


This is in response to the question above posed by @ohmygoodness.

I think most people would rather work self employed and be control of your own work schedule and assets.  And statics show that more and more of the workforce are becoming freelancers rather than full time company employees.  A recent study shows that there are over 53 million freelancers in the USA only that comprises 34% of the workforce.  Rather astonishing I think.  

The problem with being self employed is that you have to have a skill that you can do on your own and you have to have enough financial stability to be able to weather the bad times as well as the good times.  

Working for an employer gives you the stability of knowing what your income will be each month.  You can budget and know how much money you can spend and save.  You also have access to group plans like medical insurance and retirement plans.  You can get those things being self employed as well but not as economically.

Working for an employer, you have no control over anything.  Your employer sets your salary, sets your work schedule, grants your vacations times in accordance with his plans, and picks the benefits you can receive.  As a self employed person you get to decide all of that for yourself.

In my marriage, I worked the 9-5 job for the guaranteed salary and the insurance and retirement plan.  My husband was then able to be self employed as a freelance web designer and video editor.  So I know how both sides feel.  


Truly I current work in a corporation with a 9 to 5 scheduled and it is quite stressful for me, at least in the past years. I am thinking of transitioning towards a self-employed, startup model and try to be my own boss and gather quality people around me.

Still, to be self-employed you need some financial assurances before making this step as if it doesn't work it might not be so easy to get back in a corporation.


@Ohmygoodness, In my opinion, i want to be self employed and currently i am Full Time Steemian and for sure in Steem Economy i will travel an long Journey and also walk here with self employed way. 🙂