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Do you love your life?


Yes I do.

I may not be living the best life right now. A life full of wealth, fame and health but I sure do love my life.

I am smart



Goddamn hot and sexy

I am also creative

I am unique

I am very well loved and above all, I am God's special baby.

Why wouldn't I love my life? I completely love me and the life that I live.


Sometimes more than other times.


I really do.

If i don't love my life, who will?

No matter how much my family loves me,

No matter how much my partner loves me,

They can't love me, just the way i love it .

I so much love and appreciate just the way i live my life. I love my life, that why I'm thriving to give it fame, wealth and every good thing this life has to offer.

I love my life, and I must live it to the fullest.

I salute you all!


Yes!!!! Despite all the hurdles, the hurt and pain, i still love my life.

I've got an amazing family, even with all the drama, i wouldn't trade them for any other.

I just began an awesome journey, with someone special and i am feeling positive of the future.

I am lovable, God's child, an amazing young lady and i've got smarts and am richly blessed.