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What are the dangers of social media?

Social media is important. It connects us with the rest of the world. It's the easiest form of communication that allows easy flow of communication between two persons. Two people who are miles away can connect with each other simply with the use of the internet using social media as a tool.

For everything that has its good side also has its bad side and some of the following are few dangers of social media:

  • Depression: Social media can lead to depression. Do you realize that almost everyone on social media is happy? Everyone wants to take a beautiful picture of themselves and upload it on social media to flaunt their happiness and good times. But nobody takes picture of themselves starving or crying or in pains or anything. Everyone wants to look and be happy. If you live your life based on the life of others on social media, you'll end up being depressed. You will never be happy.
  • Fake Lives: I know a lady who parades herself on social media as a big personality but in reality has nothing compared to what she brags about on social media. Social media help people live fake lives. A lot of people want to feel among, want to feel accepted and loved and this pushes them to living a fake life.
  • Lost Focus/Purpose: With social media, a lot of people can lose focus and purpose for their lives. They do nothing other than come on social media and see what is happening in other people's lives. They add no value and take no value also. All they know how to do is while away time on social media. They have lost their bearing for their lives, they have lost focus.

False information is for me the biggest problem or danger in the social media. Rumors are easily distributed to the whole community with just one click, view and share. Added to this are what we called fake news that creates disorientation of some young minds and socio active individuals and representatives. They are very vulnerable to changes and manipulation since they posed very significant position is society. Another one I will highlight is the entitlement of some people to their voice where they can express what they want to express just because they have the freedom to do so. Not all things you wanted to say around the internet falls under the protection of freedom of speech, some would likely disturb your social life or destruct other people's lives.


We all know social media so important part now in our life We get many news from social media.

Everyday many people give their time so much in social media. Also in social media we are geting many everdays important news.About our recent life activities. BUT because of so much using social media many are attracted with these place.

* Many peoplele waste lot of time in facebook.or otherss type social media that's hamper their work.If it will happen no they will not able to do teir most important work.It will make lazy person. Many people just love to chat with people.Thats a dangerous thingg Because many cheater people also there they do many things thats so dangerous.

* In our recent social media students mostly joining. Its helping student for some work But many student use these social media for chatting and spent time with their friends that's so cruel.They harm their future.For less studies.Thats so dangerous.

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Social media has its advantages, but it should also be used with caution and limits. So what can be the results of misuse of social media?

1. It makes one's life sedentary if used without limits. Yes, there's social media addiction. Imagine some people spend most of their time in social media, even to the point of no physical activities. It has its dangers becausenof unhealthy lifestyle.

2. Everyone can be at risk of scam. There are stories when the account of a relative of a user was hacked, and the hacker scammed the user when asked to send some money.

3. Posting material things like money, etc on social media will make one at risk of getting getting burglarized.

4. Sexual predators lurk on social media to captured theit victims and fall prey for their antics.

5. So many bashing in social media can trigger one's depression. Cyber bullying is also rampant which caused many users become depressed.

6. It can cause some psychological disorders to some people by over-indulging in social media, as well as narcissistic personality disorder.


Social media has a lot of evils. However, I would like to clarify that it also has benefits. But since the question is about evils, here are a few - 

1. Fake news/random BS content - I think, we all know, it is quite easy to have any quote or story float on social media and go viral and that may be a completely false story. Random texts on whatsapp, from political organizations, feeing people incorrect news or messages based on their preferences to brainwash them into acting a certain way is a big problem that social media has to deal with. 

2. Shortening of attention spans - Human attention span now stands at about 7 seconds, which is the same as a goldfish, thanks to the  huge amount of data and options at our fingertips. We can easily flip through messages, we have very little patience for long posts as we want to read the next story and that has affected out attention spans. 

3. External validation led depression - the concept of seeking likes or external validation has the same effect as drugs. Social media is addictive and not getting enough likes can be thought of as some by people liking them or not. 

4. Loss of ability to have actual conversations - people now resort to texting all the time. chatting allows us to hide behind a personality and say what we want. empowering as it may be, a few people can now challenge anyone, and also format text, change text as they have time to think. conversations aren't spontaneous and people who wouldn't dare to speak BS to any random person can now do so on twitter. 

5. risk of child grooming - children are most at risk from social media. Now, without parental control they can visit pages where they meet wrong kind of people who may pose a threat to them. already happening in many western countries. Infact terrorists are also being recruited through social media. 


First of all, we become zombies, Modern day zombies. Social media infects. I have never in my entire life seen so many zombies. Maybe there should be a new category for this to be called. The Sombies, perhaps. Humans who once get infected can never remove their eyeballs from the screen for ever and ever. Anything that disturbs the Sombies from doing their normal interactions of the social media platform like Instagram and Facebook, would get us preparing our shields to ensure that no bullets actually hit as it would be painful. 

Creation of fakers as I would call it. Those who have an alter ego and have to keep up to this alter ego. Have you ever seen any Facebook post of a profile picture of someone who actually looks 50 percent different from their real life personas? I have and there are many. With all these edits, we can be fake celebrities and are so in love with how much (Fake) likes we get to justify our feelings. Many people go to lengths to make sure they try to out beat others into getting more likes. Even by risking their lives. Countless lives are lost due to this. Many would go to the highest towers and stand at the top to take pictures. Pilots have pretended to take a picture out of the cockpit using a selfie stick while flying planes. For what? For likes. Obviously the photo of the pilot is photos hoped after checking for the authenticity of it. 

I think the next generation sees a new set of problem. No longer, kids want to get out of their seats and go out to play, but rather stay at home and play with their smartphones in games like PUBG , mobile legends and dota. Going out at the sun feels like being burn alive. These sedentary life style would one day lead to heavy reliant of technology and not moving at all. Imagine that this generation grows up. 

Social media creates this addiction to know what friends are doing and to show off of the different places that we could go and make those around us envy. It could also give criminals locations of an individual by mapping out their life. Imagine being a kidnapper, just checking on facebook would give you a clue on who the wealthy kids are and then the next logic thing is to map out their locations. Most of them use real locations to pin point in the pictures to show off. Then just add them as a friend, and use a fake persona and lure them out. Fishing cash in the 21st A.I century. I guess there are more but these are just some as mentioned. There are also good sides of Social Media but these will not be spoken here as this post is about the dangers of social media. This is from my own view, Hopefully no offense. i just speak what I think but of course definitely i try my best to think of the readers or anyone who reads it to make sure no offensive stuff is written here. 


Social media is really interesting I must confess. We get to meet our long forgotten friends there easily, we make new friends there too.

It's also helps in connecting us to the world, letting people to see and read what's happening in other part of the world.

Social media is one unique platform that brings to us first hand informations,especially when your friends are into journalism.

It's like a perfect ambience for businesses; people uses social media platforms to advertise their goods and services, and they get patronized. Social media is fun .

However, there are numerous dangers involve in it too.. some folks uses social media to dupe others. This is easily done once your account is hacked. The hackers uses your account to carry out all sort of social media crimes.

Some bad folks on social media, goes as far as using your picture from your gallery to attach it to porn videos without your knowledge,and then send it to YouTube for their benefits.

From the pictures you post, they get to know alot about you, maybe know your homes or your offices, and they come to attack you as bandits. This is why, I personally do not post private-pictures on social media, because you may not know who among your friends on social media is a bandit.

They use fake names to send you friends request, just to have access to you; most of them don't use pictures, and they have limited friends, their pictures will all of it be recent. Please take note.

I don't accept everyone on my friends request box, I chat with caution, I don't share my pictures with my social media friends; if you wanna see my picture, check my gallery, except it's someone i really know.

Generally, one has to be very careful, social media is interesting, but also very dangerous if you're not careful.


Oftentimes, many people have been misled via the social media through articles, pictures and even videos that are either not verified before they are posted as well as those that corrupts morals of the readers/viewers. Almost anything you can think of can be accessed on social media and it's such that x-rated materials is accessible to everyone irrespective of age. It's no longer news that some social media platforms would state that a particular post is suitable for viewers older than 18 years but it's quite unfortunate and sad that a 10 year old child can access it if and only if he/she can click on the 'I ACCEPT THAT IM ABOVE 18' button.


If you share too much of yourself online like personal information/details, you can be in danger. You can be a victim of identity theft, blackmailing, extortion and even physical assaults if they tend to know your location or whereabouts.

You can also be a victim of cyber bullying and might get caught on some online scams.

Too much social media can also affect your overall health. Not just mentally but also physically especially when it is an addiction already.


 Nowadays social media is the main part of everyone's life. Some peoples are using for entertainment or some peoples are using for the purpose of earning money. 

Well, it all depends on yo how to treat social media for your self. Some peoples are just using for chatting with someone, maybe these are students. But if they spend most of the time on the internet rather then focus on study. Then social media is definitely dangerous for that person, who is just spending most of the time on social media websites. 

If you see on another way then social media is not dangerous for those peoples who are using for the kind purpose like earning money and learning something new in life through social media. I personly love to use social media platform and I also using for purpose of my life rather than wasting time.  


I will say they are just many to mention but I am going to mention few.

(1). Distraction.

Too much addiction to social media cause distraction as many people that are addicted to social media find it difficult to concentrate or focus to their jobs, academics, homes and spiritual life also.

(2). It lead to living a fake life.

Many people tend to live a fake life or copy someone else life on social media due to what they might have upt on, shown on social media or let me say display.

(3). It leads to broken marriages.

Some advice's been followed on social media tend to cause marriage broke up.

There are so lot of danger on social media which nobody will want to pray to come by.



Only a couple of brief years prior, a large number of us thought that it was odd to share life on the web and surrender our protection in that way. Nowadays, particularly to the more youthful age, it appears to be odd not to share everything without exception. In all genuineness, there are numerous advantages of socialmedia, which makes it simple to overlook exactly how unsafe it tends to be. 

It's out there until the end of time. 

This is an imperative exercise for children and grown-ups alike to learn. When you put something onto the web, it stays there for eternity. There are no time limits. Suppose that seemingly out of the blue, you post a rage about something or somebody on your online networking page and afterward you lament your choice to do as such. Regardless of whether you erase it, quite possibly somebody took a screen capture of it. 

There is no real way to genuinely erase it and that can be a terrible thing. These sorts of activities can generally be utilized against you sometime down the road. Universities take a gander at web based life profiles before choosing candidates, as do potential bosses and insurance agencies. Ensure you and your kids are very much aware of the outcomes of what is set on the web. 


As much as we might want it to be something else, there are mean individuals out there. Lamentably, a considerable lot of these mean individuals love just to be ruler of the console and menace somebody from behind a screen where they stay mysterious. As I'm certain you have seen on the news, cyberbullying is a major issue with youngsters nowadays and it is basic that you, as guardians, know about things that are being said between your tyke and others on the web. 

More bizarre peril. 

This isn't only one of the risks of web-based social networking, we lecture it all the opportunity to youthful children, "don't converse with outsiders." The equivalent goes for the online world. There are terrible individuals out there that like to take cover behind the screen and become friends with children bearing in mind the end goal of hurting them or exploiting them. 

Area giveaways. 

Did you realize that computerized photographs have time and area stamps inside them? By posting a photograph, you are telling others precisely where you are (or where you have been). Make certain that any photographs that you or your children share are just imparted to individuals that you know and trust. 

Jealousy of others. 

Web-based social networking life isn't reality, this is one of the greatest perils of internet based life. A large number of us overlook that it's not generally a genuine portrayal of reality. We invest our energy taking a gander at photos of the apparently ideal existences of our companions and we can get desirous. It's hard not to get envious when you see photographs of grinning kids, cheerful connections, perfect homes and astonishing excursions. Simply attempt to recollect that once in a while will individuals post about the pessimistic things throughout everyday life and frequently, individuals are overcompensating by posting "upbeat" photographs when there evident lives are definitely not that.


The presence of social media at this time cannot be avoided, the more days the development of technology that supports social media is growing. Well, here I summarize some of the effects of the influence of social media on humans.

Here are four bad effects of social media on human mental health

1. Addiction

The study says more than 50 percent of teens enter social media several times a day. If done for a long duration of course it will only interfere with daily life. This can make a person forget a little in real life and even busy actively using social media.

2. Antisocial behavior

Overuse of social media makes one become too engrossed in life in cyberspace so unwittingly withdraws from real social life.

3. Cyberbullying

The majority of social media users are under 30 years old and most are teenagers. According to research, 95 percent of teens have seen bullying on social networks. Then there are 33 percent of teens who have been bullied on social media.

4. Problems of confidence

Some studies found that when there was an increase in interaction on social media, there was a decrease in self-confidence.

[Sorce Image](http://www.mirifica.net/2013/02/15/media-sosial-ruang-baru-bagi-evangelisasi/)


I don't think that media is dangerous but the use of media in a negative and destructive way is wrong. Media is a product of human reason. Every product of human reason is good. But the use of media is precisely what needs to be questioned. For what media is used.

The media provides many benefits and conveniences for human life and human activities today.

So use the media for good things. Don't use the media to do propaganda that can cause destruction in this world.

Let's be wise in utilizing existing media especially for education and information services.

This media is like a double-edged knife, so be careful to use the media so that it does not have a negative impact.