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The world would be a better place without religions. Do you agree or disagree?

I think the world would be better off without some religions, yes, just like it would be better off from some forms of atheism, agnosticism, communism, socialism, scientific theory, philosophy, etc.

I do not, agree, however, that the world would be better off if none existed. Again, there are forms of what I have listed above that can and do find ways to peacefully coexist, even if they vehemently disagree on doctrine, theory or policy.

The fact of the matter is, regardless of whether or not someone believes in a higher power or not, they do have some kind of belief system, which includes believing in no one or nothing, or very little of each. There is some code which governs their lives, whether it was granted from on high through divine communication, or totally made up by some monarch or emperor who wanted to consolidate lands and peoples.

Fanaticism, which I believe is where this question at least partially goes, exists in many walks of life, not just among the religious. There have been people who have killed, hurt, harassed or stolen from others based on their sports affiliation, or the occupation, along with race, color, sex and alternative lifestyles. Funny how the tolerant when it comes to one particular way of life become the intolerant when it comes to some other.

The door swings both ways.

I often wonder, when a statement like this is made (not necessarily in this case, since it's a question soliciting commentary), just how much the person making it has thought about what they're saying. Are they looking at extremists in some religions and saying all religions and all people in them are like that? Are they looking at the countless hundreds of thousands of people who are locked up in jail and saying it's either because of religion they are there, or that the majority of them got there because of a strong belief in a higher power?

That said, I certainly can't fault someone for looking at those who profess to have some level of belief in God who then have very little to show for it, or even go out of their way to disprove said professed beliefs. We all seem to expect someone to at least to try to be a better person if they claim to be an adherent, even if we're willing to give them some slack for being human. It's when someone claims to be religious and then acts worse than someone who isn't where something obviously went haywire.

Man is fallible. Even those who follow a doctrine of peace, love, service and hope in a hereafter through obedience to divine laws don't get it right, let alone those who believe in a religion that might be interpreted as allowing for punishments, including death, for all manners of transgressions. Or, considering themselves at war with anyone who is not of their own beliefs.

Personally, I believe having a reason to cling to a higher standard is better than just trying to be a good person. Having a purpose to my life and larger goals than altruism or humanism motivates me more. Do I fail still? Of course. Can I still improve? Of course. Having a set standard of living and doing my best to achieve them daily brings me some stress, momentary feelings of guilt and unhappiness, but it also affords me meaningful times of joy and achievement.

I wouldn't have that available to me, nor would others, without some form of religion.


Well Hypotheticals like this are really difficult to really answer with certainty, but it also seems to be highly unlikely that such an actual world would really be better just simply because of lack of religion.

There is no uncertainty that people excuse their terrible conduct with religious regulations, yet that doesn't mean religion is at fault. Things are relative, and great requires fiendish. Indeed, even in a totally mainstream world individuals would in any case observe motivations to be "terrible." Some of the most exceedingly awful tyrants of this century performed extraordinary demonstrations of wickedness for the sake of science and commonness.

There is a solid contention to be made that religion is a vital mainstay of ethical quality for mankind, and without it, the world may even be a more regrettable place. I don't actually concur with this, yet there is positively no uncertainty that religion assumed a critical job in the advancement of human esteem pecking orders and even awareness itself. Does that mean regardless we require it today? Possibly, perhaps not. In any case, there's no motivation to feel that an absolutely common world would be any superior to our present world.


I am not religious but see the importance of it to some people. Some people use it as a guide for how they live their lives. I am happy with that ,but when certain so called religious people use it to further push their beliefs I think it has gone too far.

Hiding behind a religion to commit violent acts doesn't sit well with me. Religion has been behind so much bad but also loads of good things. I think the world will be a better place if the religions sorted out their own followers and took control of them. Freedom and choices  is what makes this world a better place and stopping religion wouldn't help.


If we focus on what a world without religions would look like today, I suspect it would not be very different from today. The only difference would be that the followers of great religions would be followers of other forms of entertainment or fanaticism, as is already happening today with some sports, musicals, television ... or even technological.

I imagine you mean a world without the belief of a supreme being, heaven and hell. They are the basic foundations of almost all religions.

A world without religion would probably be more dedicated to making decisions based on its logic and not on its feelings, specifically fear.

Most wars have first arisen from a religious idea of what should be the right thing to do, an imposition of one state on another by means of its own moral rules based on the religion adopted by this state.

People would not pray for an oppressive regime to change because "God's time is perfect", people would fight and defend their freedom in the present. A world without religion is a world without most superstitions, without prejudice. 

A world without religion would probably be a less macho world where women would have more freedom.

In a world without religion people would be more responsible for their actions as they would have no God to blame for their problems, or if something happens unexpectedly they would not have to think it was because God wanted it that way but because it went wrong as a result of bad decisions made by the individual himself.

In spite of all that, I think that perhaps faith moves the human being, and I believe that it would be almost impossible for there to be no religion, because we will try to believe so in a window that squeaked and we come to think that it was because it was all-powerful. 


I disagree. I believe people have the right to be religious and believe in whatever they please. I don't think anyone has the right to take that away from people. 

While i believe religion should exist, I have some doubts about how it's done in some part of the world. There are cultures and countries where religions, or better said those who are ranking high in religious circles are controlling people. And when I say controlling, I mean it literally, they are controlling people by keeping them in fear, even applying punishment.  I strongly disagree with that! 

Each individual should be free to choose what he/she believes in and to what extent. No one should be forced to be religious or to act according to some rules established by the church. 

That being said, I also believe some people should not use religion as an excuse or as a motive to do terrorist attacks and commit violent acts. 


I bring the lighting of South Park on the subject. Episodes 12 and 13 of the tenth season (Go God, Go Episodes I and II) happen in the future. The world has become totally atheist. Cartman who finds himself in this future thinks that men live in peace. Well no ! A great conflict is tearing the planet apart and three atheist factions are arguing over an essential question: what would be the best name for atheists?

The morality behind it: humans will always find a pretext to put on the face, whether for a religion, which often serves as a pretext, than for anything else.


Yes, most horrible things in todays world are carried out in the name of religion. People say religion does a lot of good but if you need to have a religion to do good by your fellow man you probably are not a good person to start with. 


I think we'd be better off without religions. While many people are reasonable and  live their lives as "good people" while believing in their religion, there are too many extremists and ignorant people who will do horrible things in the name of religion. People fight wars over religion. People kill in the name of religion. So no, we don't really need religion. What we need is better education and moral values.


No doubt, I disagree with this statement. The world would become a worse place without religion.

We can't deny the fact that religion plays a very vital role in people's action. With religion, we are directed to do good and stay away from doing evil things. People do good to others because if you do, you would go to Heaven. Going to Heaven is like a reward for doing good deeds. However, if you do evil things to others, then you will be cast into Hell. Hell is like a punishment.


Everyone has their own views and perspectives on how they view religion in this life. In my opinion, precisely because religion  that this world be a better and all human rights are guaranteed safe.

With religion, life will be directed, and humans do not dare to do things or actions that violate or harm others.

By embracing a particular religion, a person has a binding life guide so that every action taken has a foundation and a basis for good and right diversity.

In my opinion, it is a big mistake if you consider religion as a source of problems that exist in this world. But precisely with religion all the problems and problems that exist will be resolved properly.

In my opinion, it is a big mistake if you consider religion as a source of problems that exist in this world. But precisely with religion all the problems and problems that exist will be resolved properly.

I respect every difference and I react wisely because everyone has a different perspective on seeing things including religion.


I think definitely this is a very subjective and sensitive question to answer. I think humans need religion to be able to have guidance on the conscience. Imagine at this point of time, there are no religions in the world. It would be really different. The religions of the world unites the believers and the believers would usually try to obey the commandments of these religion. I guess the biggest commandments are not killing, not stealing, no lying and many more.

If religion was not created, maybe man today would just be no different from the beast. Maybe it was the creation of religions that slowly shaped how our societies have become since the time of Jesus and Mohammed or even Buddha. If there was no believe of an existence of hell, I think no one would fear and would commit crimes that are against man.

Religions is something beautiful. There may be hate In humans where one group of people from a religion dislike the other group of people from another religion the thing is this is rather of a human problem. Even without religion there would still be an existence of such humans. If there is no good there won't be evil. This comes usually in a dynamic duo.



Would be “better” in some regards, “worse” in others - both being completely subjective to each individual.