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Would you be willing to use genetic modification in order to get the perfect child??

Yes, but I wouldn't be aiming for perfection I'd just be aiming for....normal. If I could somehow guarantee that a child I bore wouldn't get the bad genetics from me or the father and wouldn't end up with some non-genetic nasty stuff like what I have I would be a lot more inclined than I am right now to have a child.

On top of that there's so many things we think are genetic but just can't prove it 100% yet and just....the idea of passing even one of my health issues down to my child let alone more than one or gods forbid all of them and then possibly more from the father's side breaks my heart and it's a big part of the reason I've chosen not to have kids, I wouldn't want to put a child through that. So yeah I'd use genetic modification to make sure any child I bore would be healthy, not perfect.


I think I would give it a shot. It's not about a perfect child. It's about having a child who can live as normal as someone is and is their right to live.

If I had a choice to let my kids have better characteristics, I would do so. It's my responsibility as a parent to do so. Imagine how sad it would be for a child to have grown up with some disability. I would le my child be born genetically modified of certain DNA traits modified.

I would get the genetic engineer to make sure that if a cancer causing gene or any other gene is present, it should be exchange for something that is better. This applies to all other diseases. This is to ensure that my child has a better chance of survival and won't have any regrets. If it's a boy, I would get the gene modification for strength so when he is born, he would one day have better body mass and height perhaps than as compared to others.

I know that it's against ethics to do it. For me, it's giving life to this child of mine that is going to be here for another perhaps 80 years and I would want my son or daughter to at least have a good life ahead as one day when I leave here from the planet, they are capable of surviving on their own.


I would entertain that idea if I learned that my child would be born with genetic defects. I want my child to live normally as much as possible. I don't necessarily want my kid to look perfect, just healthy enough for them to enjoy their life like any average healthy person would. Disabilities add to costs for the family and if genetic modification can reduce that and improve the quality of life for my kid, why not? I won't be a responsible parent if I didn't opt for it.