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Do you trust mainstream media?
With all the controversy about mainstream media going on, what is your opinion?

Not at all. In my country there is a saying about the media and that is: "Media is the fourth power in state and whoever controls the media controls everything". I have a Journalism degree but never practiced it. I couldn't find a media outlet that respects truth and integrity and it is not biased and manipulative, thus I have chosen to not work in this field. I even had my license degree entitled "Ways of manipulation in the written media" and my teachers weren't that happy about it but I didn't cared anymore. I knew I wasn't working and will never work in the media. No matter if we are talking about crypto media, sports media, or any other type, almost all of the media are owned and controlled by some tycoons that are paid or manipulated to create fake news, to manipulate information and mislead the public opinion. It has always done that and it will always do. There are very few alternative media outlets that struggle to survive with sharing the truth but very often they are also censored and one example is Infowars by Alex Jones. I don't have a TV anymore, I don't read news anymore, not even crypto and don't listen to the radio. Too many lies coming from such sources and I don't need them. Mainstream media is for the massed and it is the way world leaders manipulate and dictate the masses. It's all garbage. You name it, CNN, NBC, CNBC, Bloomberg... They are all the same. IMO.


@Ohmygoodness, In my case excluding couple i don't watch and don't believe upon other media houses because after watching their news pieces, either it sounds totally fake news or they will bring people to fight in Live and inturn it's an process of creating divisions between people means, just think, Media houses are most of the time just showcase the Political News and if some other news is showed then it's now becoming surprising aspect because we are not use to other excluding Politics. So i stick with one or two who go to the ground levels of news and talk about it fearlessly no matter others are not ready to talk.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. πŸ™‚


It is not a question of trust or lack of trust in the mainstream Β media. Each report is fairly biased, both from a founding journalist and a novice blogger. Education, resources, nationalities, political orientations, relationships, gender, sexual life, socio-economic status, etc.

The media has never been credible - that's why every dictator and warlord first seeks to control the release of information because it can be manipulated. The simple answer is not relying on a single channel or multimedia point of sale. Read and listen to various sources of information and always agree that the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

It's not new, of course. All that has changed is that the media no longer controls what we read and what is being said. It may have killed its results, but it is not necessarily a bad thing for democracy, no matter how much it tells us.