Isn’t it absurd that a person believes that the world was literally created by a God in seven days some 6000 years ago?
How can someone ignore obvious scientific facts which clearly show that this cannot be true??? Could someone explain this obvious paradox?

To answer the first part of the question, yes it would be wrong for someone to believe that the world was created in seven days, since that's not what scriptures claim, anyway.

For the most part, the world itself was reportedly created in fewer days, since other things on and around it were said to be created in a total of six days, which includes, animal life and man. The seventh day is when God is said to have rested from His labors.

So, anyone believing it took seven days should go back and re-read Genesis. In four days, the earth, the atmosphere, the sun, moon and other stars, were created, then all living things along with man followed for a total of six.

Next. While there is obviously plenty of speculation regarding how much time passed during this creation period, what constituted a day is still not clear. Each phase of creation was called a day, but there are not definitive time periods for each. Thus, millions upon millions of years could have very well passed, with each duration of the day being different one to the other.

For some of this creation, there wasn't a sun to be revolving around, so the 24-hour, 365-day way of reckoning time didn't even exist. As it is, how God perceives time and how we perceive it would be very different anyway.

As for the 6,000 years passing since the world was created and man (Adam and Eve were placed there), is hard to determine because we don't know how long Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden prior to the Fall. It could be have been a very long time.

However, from the point of the Fall, until now, is commonly thought of as 6,000 years, with 4,000 of it happening before Christ and the next 2,000 years coming after. Whether or not that's true can be in dispute based on how years may have been counted in the beginning of the Old Testament, when people lived hundreds of years.

So, as someone who believes in the creation, I can honestly say that the time period of the creation could well be in the millions or billions of years, and that a very long period of time could have passed until Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. From that point, the passage of time probably tightens up some.

Just for the record, since this infers that it's ludicrous to believe a creation story, here's the problem with looking at existing knowledge. It changes. Science changes. Science is always in dispute. Science that is still a theory should not be considered fact. It is still not proven in all instances. The way time works is actually a part of that. Some of it might be more nailed down or consistent, but it falls apart when you take a look at other things.

We use carbon-dating as a tool to determine how old things are. But carbon-dating has only been around for roughly 70 years. It's not as infallible as we're made to believe, though it does work quite well in a various situations, just not all of them. It's also lousy at pinpointing specific years, but best in a range.

In reality, as far as how things got started here and how fast it happened, science can look at what's been happening over the last period of recorded history, it can look at rock strata and determine order and potential periods of time, it can look back toward where the solar system, galaxy or universe began and assign approximate passing of time, but to date, there's no way to really measure any of it. It's already happened, and there weren't scientific instruments around at the moment of creation to determine how long any of it took.

So, when science is theory, that's all it is. Theory. It can be even a working theory, where it's not even universally accepted, but it's the best guess we've got. So, to take things as fact, or the basis upon which to create a belief system, one needs to take in account all kinds of possibilities since the ability to determine, measure, and record data will change, meaning that what we know about the world and ourselves will also change.


And that's what makes Him a God and not a man. Nothing is absurd here, what is absurd is you believing in men called scientist who can't even help themselves from death. You can't even explain how you came into existence, where people go to when they die, how a very small thing called the brain control the whole human activities , how the breath is comes, how the trees make their food, how the bird have a thought of theirs. If you can't explain any of this, what then makes you doubt the existence of a higher being of a supernatural who does something a man's mind can't imagine.

Even Darwin before his death confirmed the existence of God when he realized scientist and himself can't explain some things about nature. I am not asking you to believe , am only telling you to hold to your belief and not try to cajole men into your thoughts which doesn't have a solid face because even before your existence , the world was created, you only hold on to what people tell you and you have no extra knowledge yourself.



Dogmatic brainwashing completely overriding common sense.

Cognitive bias.


Well in this way how people (bigot) believe, who believe that is there (exist) time and place - it will definitely be absurd.

In this, the question was perfectly answered @Glenalbrethsen, I respect his breadth of thought.