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What is your strategy for being successful on Steemit?

Basically, the success strategy in Steemit is the same as the Road to Rome. Yes, there are all roads lead Rome.

However, from my experience and journey with using Steemit and analyzing several fast-paced newcomers, the answer was Communication and Investment.

COMMUNICATION here; reading posts in our category (hastag) is interested. Then, give comments or reply to comments. Communication can also be done in discord (discordapp.com) that has been created by the developers.

INVESTMENT. Yes, investment that we mean is not just MONEY investment, but TIME or in other terms FOCUS. I myself have reached a reputation for now spending 2-3 hours or even more in one day. This time investment will grow fast if accompanied by skills in the existing category. Like, skills in writing poetry, stories, education, or skills as a designer, and so on.

Again, this is not a standard strategy, because all roads lead to success in Steemit. However, Communication and Investment are two strategies that cannot be ignored.


To be honest, when i joined steemit, i got so many posts that advised on strategies to implore to be successful. The commenting on others' posts, posting regularly, participating in contests, even joining communities on the blockchain etc. I tried all of this but the one strategy that took me from scratch to where i am is being active on musing.

Over a few months being active here on musing, my steem power has increased and my payouts have increased too. Sometimes, an upvoted musing question earns more than my steemit post of the day. Getting involved with Musing has been the best strategy inhave ever implored that has led me to enjoying success on the steemit platform.

This is my little secret that very few people are unaware of and i am glad to share it here to help others. Musing is really a great place and is really helping me to build up my steemit account. I used to think, it will probably take me about 2years to hit minnow status with the way i was growing on steemit but that all changed when i joined musing.

  • Network, network, network. The best thing you can do is get to know people on the Steem Blockchain.
  • Join groups like @minnowsupport and get to know the witnesses that keep this system going.  
  • Upvote other people's posts, especially ones that you like.  They're more likely to check out your content and upvote your own posts if they like them.  Who knows, you might even follow each other!
  • Look into the myriad of dApps out there. Sites like @musing (which you use), @vimm, and @steemmonsters give you ways to use your Steem Power beyond just posting and blogging.  Find balance in the two, you don't need to go all in on blogging or apps.  Find your niche and run with it.

But the most important thing here?  You have to put in effort!  I made minnow in a year without buying any Steem.  I actually made my first purchase of Steem this week, spending 1LTC to buy some Steem from @blocktrades.  Was it easy?  Absolutely not.  It required a lot of effort.  But by building up people around me who helped me out, I was able to reach that point.


I will say my strategies in successful on steemit is to have a high level of interaction.

By making numerous qualities comment on people post really gives me the edge to get more support on my post and when getting support on my post, I begin to get big steep power which which really gives me a high chance to be successful on steemit so this is my main strategies to be successful on steemit.