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How many books do you read in a month and what kind of books?
No matter whether it is a real book or an ebook...how many?

I adore reading. Which is something to be thankful for, on the grounds that generally An) I'd be going into the wrong calling and B) perusing ten books multi month would nibble. 

My MFA program is Writing for Children and Young Adults. I'm required to peruse something like 10 youngsters' books multi month. Half of those are for youthful grown-ups. 

I likewise run an online non-credit MFA program for Ninja Writers (my composition network) that depends on Ray Bradybury's recommendation to journalists: read a paper, a ballad, and a short story consistently for 1000 days. I read something like one grown-up novel and one composition create book multi month also. 

My month to month perusing resembles this: 

I read a lyric, a paper, and a short story regular. (This is my normal everyday employment, which is something despite everything I need to squeeze myself over.) — About a hour of perusing multi day. I read somewhere around 10 youngsters' books multi month for my MFA program. At any rate half are youthful grown-up books, the rest are center review, part books, or picture books. — At slightest one more hour daily of perusing. 

I read something like one grown-up novel multi month and one composition make novel multi month. — One more hour daily of perusing. 

In this way, a sum of around three (possibly four some days) or perusing multi day. On the off chance that I wasn't in a MFA program, I'd almost certainly perused less youngsters' books, however increasingly grown-up books and genuine books, so I'd state that my perusing would be something in the a few hours daily range. 

I'd like to call attention to couple of things out: 

A) I cherish perusing. A great deal. I think I referenced that previously. Since I cherish it so much, it is anything but a trudge for me. I don't need to thrash myself to complete my perusing. 

B) If I needed to build my understanding, I'd begin bearing a book with me constantly. You may be stunned to perceive what number of pockets of time you have where you could peruse a couple of pages. 

C) I've prepared myself to peruse in tastes, rather than swallows. I don't must have long stretches of spare time to peruse. I frequently perused even only a couple of pages at any given moment. Truly: simply consider how much time you spend in the restroom or sitting tight for a stove to pre-warm or at a red light when you're the traveler in a vehicle (I can't peruse in a moving vehicle without vomiting, yet on the off chance that you can, that is far superior!) 

D) Try book recordings. They check. 

E) Surround yourself with books. Get a bookshelf and begin filling it with books you get up at thrift stores, carport deals, library deals. Approach companions for suggestions. 

F) Don't squander your time on a book that isn't doing it for you. In the event that you get 50 pages in and you're compelling yourself to go on, shut it down and get another book. There are a TON of them out there.


I have loved reading from the time I was a child and got my first library card.  Now I do almost all my reading online on my computer, but still mostly through the local library.  I read from 3 to 5 books a week, so around 12 would probably be a good average.  I'm retired now, so I have more free time to read than when I was working.  However, since I became active on Steemit a few months ago, I spend more time reading blogs and stories created by content creators here.  I like fiction mostly, but all kinds:  detective adventures, medical thrillers, legal drama, fantasy, science fiction, really all genres of fiction.  I especially like series books, where you have the same main character in subsequent books.  


Reading is a necessity, especially with the background of educators like myself, adding insight by reading is one of the methods that I still use today. There are several types of reading that still continue to be one of my inspirations, I like fiction novels, poetry and management. Of the three types of reading, the book about management really helped me in managing time, as a housewife and also an educator, of course I needed a lot of inspiration to make my time for both things better.

Fiction and poetry stories really help me become a better educator, I majored in literature and language, of course the two books are very supportive of what I do in giving material to my students.

Within a month, I usually spend a few readings, depending on how much time I have each month, usually I am more regular spending 3 reading books each month.


I don't read books any longer. I have no time between work, family, Steem and my other hobbies. That doesn't mean I don't read a lot, though. Just not books any longer. I used to but the Internet has changed that. I write more than ever by a wide margin. 


This depends on what other activities I have going on and how much spare time I have, and also how long the books are! I generally read anywhere from 1 - 4 books a month. Reading is something that I really enjoy, and is a great way to unwind in our ever changing digital world.

When I look back at my history on Goodreads I can see that probably 75% of the books I read are non fiction - biographies, books about history, books about meditation and technology. I do read a few novels here and there, but tend to find I would rather read something that I learn from.

The book I am reading currently is ´The Tattooist of Auschwitz´ and is an excellent page turner (and also very sad!). I started it 2 days ago and am already 1/3 of the way through!


I read an average of two books per month. I belong to online reading community, so I read more books through their recommendations. As for the kind of books that I read; I am agnostic to books, I read all genres as long as it is insightful, informative and interesting.

Reading is a lifelong habit to me, I read about just anything to stay updated.


I read two books a month. Lately, I am reading in addition, many reports, reports or "papers" of topics related to my domain: Financial investments.

Therefore, I seek that the books you read be of very different topics to this one. I read everything, such as classic novels, modern biographies, etc.


I read at least two books in a month.

The books could be base on marriage and love life, motivational talks, ministry, educational books base on my discipline in school to mention but a few