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Could a government do without taxation? Would there be other ways to fund a country without the necessity of taxes?

Apart from the fact that taxation is essential to the smooth running of government it is also an obligation of any patriotic citizen, so when people pay taxes they are not only helping the government run the country smoothly they are also fulfilling their obligation as a citizen of that country and it's impossible to stop taxation although it is not 100% revenue for the government there are also other means which government uses to replenish their purse and run the state but taxation should contribute up to 50% of that Revenue.

Taxation is also constitutional and it has been enshrined as a major way through which government makes money to keep the state running properly for example when we look at the national budget on a yearly basis the taxes paid by citizens of the state is what is being used to actually smoothly run the expenditures of a national budget.

A government cannot do without taxation because it helps them cover 60% of their expenditures and expenses for example pain salaries to the various channel and arms of government so if taxation is taken away from the state's account it will be impossible to cope with the smooth running, although there are other methods which the state makes money for example from the civil services and the public corporation, for example railway corporation and transport system which belongs to the government but all these money are not even enough to run the state smoothly in fact even with taxation system the government still hasn't been able to cover their expenses especially in developing countries.

There are no new methods which government can use to make money that hasn't been utilised, government make money off public services like electricity and so many others however if the taxation system is taken away globally then countries will go bankrupt and broke and may not even function properly anymore so taxation system can never be overruled because it covers a huge role in government expenses


No. It wouldn't be a government without a lifeblood to further enforce it's rule. Taxes are not only there to fuel the government but provide a symbolic figure that it is a governing entity over a community/society. 


First of all, you have to get rid of what it finances: the police, fire departments, roads, schools, the military, the judiciary, prisons, public transit, the treatment of water, public health, food and drug inspection, border security, environmental protection, security and securities regulations, protection against misleading advertising, public parks, libraries and museums etc.

Does it suit you ?

No ?

Maybe getting rid of taxes is not such a good idea.