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What do you think of political correctness?

There is something wrong with the PC culture; However, we need to define the term before we can discuss it.

IMHO, politically correct culture when one's words are measured for political effect.

People who measure every word based on political connotations become incapable of engaging in discourse.

For example, if we bog down the debate about mass migration with a silly debate about what to call people who disregard immigration laws; then we lose the ability to discuss an extremely important issue.

It is absurd that people can't use the terms "undocumented" or "illegal" in the discussion of migration. This destroys the ability for us to make a clean distinction between people who are immigrating through legal channels and those who ignore the laws.

We can't discuss an important issue because the words are measured for political effect.

People often confuse "politically correct" for politeness or kindness. 

The classical liberal tradition values civility. A conversation laced with four letter words and insults is unlikely to lead to productive ends.

In general, basic civility allows people to discuss issues at a deeper level and find substantive solutions to the problems of the day.

People who are committed to civil discourse are attentive to language. They try to be polite and avoid insults. 

The politically correct narrative was devised as mechanism to undermine civil discourse by becoming so intently focused on the words used that people end up becoming confused on the substance of the debate.

The solution to the politically correct narrative isn't to start using foul language. The solution is to recognize politically correct to mean to mean people who measure words for effect, but who do not intend to engage in substantive debate.

One final note. When one defines "politically correct" to mean people who measure words for effect, one realizes that people can be potty mouths and still be politically correct. One can find Hollywood actors who cuss up and storm. Their foul language is all measured for effect.

The tone of speech does not make an argument correct of incorrect. People who want to counter political correctness need to do a better job defining terms and challenge people on the logic behind the words and not the words themselves.


Political Correctness is an attempt in engineering a culture that would be submissive to those who want to seize the power and dictate you your own thoughts. 

Or something along those lines.

I don't know who he took it from but Kyle Kuliński said once "I don't want to be politically correct, I want to be correct." or something, I probably butchered the quote.

Some terms that are "politically correct" are also, just by happenstance, "correct" terms, and there's a tendency to ignore that it's an overlap and not an origin.

And therefore, I have no problem in addressing people who are confused about their gender as "they" while making "nigger jokes".

I am interested in being correct and accurate, rather than "politically correct".

So don't mind me. 

And don't get me wrong.

If you prefer to just call a person a tranny or a fag, that's all fine. 

It's just a dick, but I will not call your boss and try to get you fired. 

Free speech is most important, and while an individual have a right to use politically correct language themselves, they have no right to expect anyone else to use it.

Even a neo-nazi is a person, they need to be able to work, afford food and living, 

trying to take that away from them don't show them why they are wrong.

Instead, it gives them false perception that they are the victim. 

And what you really don't want is a neo-nazi liberation movement. LOL

Anyway, don't be a cock, don't try to control what others can say.


I hate what the world has become. The political correctness has been over used and has prevented things from being sorted out properly.

The major concerns happening around us are being shielded by a few manipulating the system for their advantage. The problem is that the population can't see what is happening and how they are being played. I am not politically correct and say things how they are which puts a target on my back sometimes.

If something is right or wrong it should be raised but the public are too scared to raise issues because of the political correctness. By keeping quiet they are playing into the ones who are manipulating the situation. It is about time everyone woke up and saw what is happening.


The term "Political correctness" is an actual attempt to try to repress ideas, to also silence speech, and also try to impose censorship by actually using the social pressure to really create

a strong taboos against talking or doing things that would really threaten the actual establishment of the dogma and agenda. That’ is why the term "political correctness"was created......


Can be bad for the whole society in long term.