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If the political system in your country would change and turn into a state ruled by a dictator, what would you do?

MIGRATION; I think dictatorship in the long run will be the demise of a capitalist democratic political system which is the right kind of governance, that means that it will get to a time where the constitution will fail; human rights will no longer be respected, rule of law will no longer be sovereign and as a result of this the state will keep diving into a state of anarchy which are the end will affect the citizens of the state , their welfare, their system of making a living and a whole other aspects of their lives, now to cut the long details short they will find it difficult to live very well in a state controlled by a dictator, hence should it be me that find myself in such a predicament then the best thing for me to be to migrate to a better country with a better system of government I think this is the most viable option for a person who's system of government has been turned into a dictatorial setting and they can no longer cope.


another option perhaps the only remaining option will be to stay and fight a dictatorial ruler, how can you do this ? I believe that people who go on to become dictators will need people in order to discharge their ruthless kind of government practices however I believe that if a nation stands united against a dictator then it will be difficult to bend a nation completely. Dictators thrive under people that fear a lot so by standing up to dictators I'm going against them irrespective of their power or their influence on the military they may not have total sovereignty to be able to bend the whole country to their will. Dictators are often greedy they are corrupt and the love to steal government and people's property so when people stand up to a dictatorial government it will be difficult for this kind of government to thrive because they will lack legitimacy and acceptance from people which may make their government very difficult although this second option will see a lot of people lose their lives but it is either migrate to a better country with a separate and different political setting or stay back and fight a dictator in their government


Been there, done that, you don't want to find out what that means. I would run as fast as I can as far as possible. Dictatorship means  suppressing freedom of thought and speech of people and controlling everything. 

I would run out the country the minute the dictatorship is announced because borders are closed in cases like this and you can't get out. many people  tried to leave the country illegally, crossing borders by foot. Some  succeeded, others got caught and went to prison, got tortured and destroyed for life. 

Believe me, you don't want to find out how it is, I'm telling you from experience. 


I would leave as I cannot have my freedom taken away from me. In Africa some of the politicians are like dictators already. We have the ANC which is the leading party and they just change leaders but no one comes close to beating them at the elections. I have had concerns that they could change things and we end up with a dictator.

Dictatorships are not fun and not easy to overthrow. Your freedom is taken away and if you speak out you are a threat and will either be killed or imprisoned. There is very little you can do so the best thing is to pack up and leave whilst you can.


Unfortunately we had couple of dictators who ruled out homeland for decades. Dictatorship is not a good solution but in our part of the world dictator gave the better result as compared to political leaders. Majority of political leaders are indulged in corruption. I understand that dictatorship is not a good solution. Let's hope that honest politician will come and help for the development of this country