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What is your most loved Christmas tradition?
Tell me about your favourite Christmas traditions regardless of your existent or non existent religious background.

Going out with my family and friends to see christmas light....

Do you Remember during those times when you and your loved ones will go to actually see wonder and beautiful Christmas lights that are al present around the neighborhood? do you remember??

My Christmas celebration will become incomplete if i do not spend the Christmas Eve with my whole family.......i believe that we should all Value the happy times and the excitement that comes with the joy of christmas....

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Oh my most love Christmas tradition is visitation. During Christmas, I always go out with my families, relative and friends and we get to have some fun. I also go to carols, events during Christmas like the Christmas eve,the Christmas get together, the Christmas carol and many more event which are always fun going to.

Lastly, I eat a lot o during Christmas, you tend to eat some foods, to the extent of been fully filled.

Christmas period is always great and wonderful to always have or partake in Christmas every year is always fun.

My most favorite Christmas tradition is visitation, going out with my love ones to catch fun and fun