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What would people, countries, governments do in the event of a new iceage?

I think the first thing that would happen to the government is FREEZE. If the Ice Age came, it would depend on what rate is the world freezing. If it's another ten years, the government would spend a lot of time preparing for the ice age to come. Well, I guess, the government would start to build ice proof shelters and built technologies that are able to sustain in the ice age. Nasa would be finding ways to make a hole through the atmosphere. 

The people 

I guess, the people would first panic as they are in fear of the ice age that is gonna kill off a huge number of population. I think the equator would be a more attractive migration option as it receives more heat. Then those who have been preparing for the zombie attacks and doomdays would celebrate in joy as they prove every other person wrong. I think it's gonna be running out of food too with many months to come. Then everyone would suddenly invest a lot of cash into building farming systems indoors. Cars would no longer be that useful and everyone would invest into skis and jet skis. 

Then the thing is that, the air conditioning industry would collapse. No longer the need of air con at all. Just the plain old ice would be enough. 

The countries 

One thing would happen because of the ice age is that, instead of using boats to transport goods, we could built hard core ice resistant trains to travel from point A to B. Many country would need to restructure their income sources and new industries formed due to the changing climates. No longer there would be a fishing industry. Many countries would then invest in gas, hopefully it is not frozen solid, to warm up the country. It would be quite dark to be in a time when there is ice age. 

If an ice age does occur, I guess no one would be able to escape at all. It's something that is going to go on as one of the earth's cycles for millions of years. It's gonna be here again but maybe in another 200 million years from today. It is something scary now as we think that it just occurred decades ago but in fact many hundreds of years ago before the history of man kind. Man Kind's historical data is just up to 200 thousands years old. The next ice age may wipe out a huge majority of man kind but I think there is always hope as mankind is a smart species and there are scientist who claim that, humans actually did not come originally from the earth and is from some other planet. 


Has ice age enveloped the entire Earth before; where was the sun??

In the event of another ice age, there is very little Governments could do. This is because ,even the equipments to excavate snows and even heat up to surrounding will be stalled by ice in their engines.

Private efforts. to remedy the situation would amount to little as every directed activities will. be inundated by the Ravaging ice . It is only Providence that will ensure survival of any sort. We rather wish it never happens.