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Imagine some scientists would bring back dinosaurs. Would you consider that to be exiting, irresponsible, dangerous, beneficial? What do you think?

This is a very tricky question, we do know that we see a lot of dinosaur in science fiction films and most of the times the same very destructive in these movies even if we do not know their original nature, however I am considering where they will live looking at the kind of size they possess. Dinosaur fossils may have existed in the past and their bones but who really knows why they went into extinction it could be that they could not cope with some certain characteristics of life I believe the whole animal that went extinct in the middle age weather in the cold or winter as a result of being poached, I do believe that there was a reason why it happened and that would be that their existence isn't acceptable with the coexistence of other life and human beings.

So I think their existence maybe be dangerous to human beings because we really don't know if they are carnivorous animals or herbivorous animal or even omnivorous being like human beings no matter what they are I think the world is really too populated in order to occupy them imagine how it will look like if close to 50 dinosaurs contained the earth what will be the relativity of a dinosaur with the wildlife can it be domesticated? Or would it be considered a wild animal roaming free as a menace ?

The move to bring back is not responsible neither is it beneficial I think I would rather consider it has been dangerous because no one actually knows the lifestyle of a dinosaur and it will be impossible to know their eating habits or where they will even leave how will their existence be a threat to the existence of other animals ? although I really cannot ascertain the level of danger which the bringing back of dinosaur may pose but with my concerns I am thinking that it may be more of a danger rather than more of excitement. People do not know what a dinosaur really is and filling the world with them would be slightly tricky


Quite a challenging possibly! Some science geek could discover frozen gametes of the extinted dinosaur, Fertilised them artificially; and Booooom,!! there comes a towering baby dinosaur, consuming tons of vegetables per hour.

Rejuvenated dinosaur could be disadvantaged as more of the already challenged natural resources would be dedicated to their feeding regime, thereby compounding the already excruciating climate change problems of the world.

On the other hand , dinosaurrs cod be very useful as their meat product could be sa panacea for Protein hunger throughout the developing World.