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What so you think about surveillance cameras in each and every city worldwide?

I think having surveillance cameras in every city worldwide would change a lot of things happening.

We all know that there is massive corruption going on in the world today, massive injustice done to people regularly and most times, these people walk away with the evil they have done without having to pay for their crimes because they could be hard to trace.

Having surveillance cameras in all cities world over would reduce the rate of corruption to a bearest minimum as people would be more conscious of the fact that they are being watched with the cameras. Hence watching the steps they take.

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We have seen crime increase all over the world, so many of them are unaccounted for.. Surveillance cameras will go a long way to curb crime.

Truth is people tend to behave a certain way when they are being watched, criminals are  not left out as well. When they know they are watched, they will be discouraged from committing crimes there by reducing it. So Surveillance Cameras is good for every city worldwide.


If we eliminate the cost for installing and maintaining the surveillance cameras here, then in theory this would dramatically reduce the crimes happening worldwide.

However in reality, I don't really think surveillance cameras are what we really need. If you have watched/read most of the reports being reported lately, you'll come to the conclusion that people are now somewhat not afraid to go to prison. People have it hard that the only way for them to survive is to do crimes. Some are even thinking that prison is much more better than the outside world as they provide you with lodging and food daily.

Even right now, people are committing crimes in public like school shooting, robbing people in streets and even killing people in public in exchange for money. If the need to survive is much bigger than any other moral beliefs then even with surveillance cameras at every corner of the street, people would still do crimes because they have no choice. 


In the past decade, we have seen a proliferation of surveillance cameras in most cities around the world. The growing adoption of surveillance cameras around the world is a brilliant way of responding to the surging rate of global criminality.

Therefore, I believe that surveillance cameras should be planted in all cities around the world. Such measures will help to resolve a good number of crimes that occurs in public places. Already, surveillance cameras have helped to resolve several petty crimes like theft in a supermarket or street assault.

Also, surveillance cameras have helped law enforcement officers to investigate several shady crimes and bring offenders to justice. Not only that, surveillance cameras have captured footages that have been presented in courts to vindicate innocent people that have been accused of crimes.

In conclusion, I believe that there should be at least 1 surveillance camera to 100 persons in all the major cities of the world. This way, the growing problems of crimes in cities around the world will be combated.


I think mounting surveillance in every city worldwide will be a fantastic idea, as it will reduce the rate of crime occurrences. Most Crimes that take place in most cities do take place because of lack of camera facilities which can be used to pinpoint the criminals who commit the crimes. So the criminals take advantage of that.

In a situation whereby all the cities have surveillance cameras in them, criminals will now know that they are bound to get arrested and prosecuted so they will have no choice than to restrict themselves from crime.

These cameras also help in the case of accidents whereby people lie against other people. But with the availability of this cameras, no one will have to lie on anyone as the replay of how any accident happened can be replayed.


I think having surveillance cameras in every city worldwide is a good thing if the information is used correctly for the right purposes. 

Knowing that you are watched makes you respect the rules more. There are cities where criminality is at alarming levels, it's not safe to go out alone and in some neighborhoods  you are risking your life just for being there. In these parts of the world I think it's beneficial but only if the police is acting according to the law. Catching thiefs, burghers and murderers on tape and doing nothing does not help. 

If you install cameras all over the city, you have to make sure those are properly used and safe, there's no rook for hacking. Hackers are known to be wiser than authorities, if they hack the cameras, there's no use of them. Having cameras all over the city might not be enough to stop criminality but it's something, a step ahead and I think it would diminish criminality. 

Some people feel like their privacy is invaded, that's understandable and maybe in some  civilized countries, where people know how to behave, respect the law and each other, these cameras are not needed, but those countries are just a few, there are not many. 


Surveillance cameras have been known to have important functions, especially regarding security. The camera can help find offenders. Surveillance cameras can help find and recognize criminals so that they can help police officers find the location of criminals.

The surveillance camera feature certainly helps such as supermarkets, shops to households to identify theft.

The camera can also prevent crime. Actors who are aware of the existence of a surveillance camera will make them lower their intentions. This certainly will reduce crime rates.

The existence of these cameras throughout the city makes us feel safe even when we go out at night. Various technologies that have been developed make the camera capable of capturing images even with minimal or dark light.


Having cctvs around actually change how people behave in a public area, especially when there are completely visible and there are hundreds of it.

Does it makes me uncomfortable? - YES

Does it makes me feel secure? - YES & NO

They may seem to be watching over the city but there's no assurance that it can prevent a crime. It maybe able to record a crime but it does not really stop it.


More incentive to move into the country...


I think it depends on who is watching on the other end. Cctv installation throughout the city can be a double edged sword. There can be good sides and bad side to it.

In countries like China, the cctv is smart enough to even see you and know that is you from the measurement of various points of the face. Then they give a social rating like the ones we have in steemit but it's given in numbers of up to 800 and anything below 500 makes us see that person not as trustworthy.

If there are a lot of cctv it makes the police jobs easier too and cities safer yet everyone is monitored constantly. Then i guess there is also deterrent of speeding by cars which drivers do if no one is watching. I think in the future, the programs in the cctv cameras would directly understand what the person is doing by recognizing their body movements and collecting of such important data.


Installing a surveillance camera in every city in the world would be a great idea to slowdown the rate of crimes. If evil people know that they they are under surveillance, then they will have second thoughts about doing an evil thing.


I believe they are needed for everyone's protection. We don't know what is going on behind the scenes and how many things we are protected form.

I can recall seeing a stat about a city that had thwarted 27 terrorist acts over a 3 month period. Security cameras play an important part in the surveillance. There in theory should be less crimes committed if a city is plastered in cameras.

I know my city doesn't have enough and that is one reason why it has a high crime rate. At one point I hated the idea of being watched, but now I don't really care. I have nothing to hide and am comfortable with them. I think they do more good than harm and don't find them overly intrusive at all.