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Is it always mandatory to honour old people, no matter how they behave, what they are doing and what they did?

No, nope and never.

My answer would seems wired, rude or selfish to you, but this is what my thought is.

Most of the cultures around the world teaches this things that we should always have to respect older one, no matter what they do or behave like.

I also used to obey that rules from my childhood. But I have seen some of their real faces (surely in a limited quantity), and found out that they are not eligible to get any respect. 

Let me explain. Our age does not represent our knowledge, our depth of thought or anything like that. On the basis of these we should respect someone. It is like a give and take mater. But if we made ourselves to respect all of them, who may have done very wrong to us, does not make any sense to me.

There can be given thousands of example, where the elder people takes the benefit of our respect and in return do harm to us. Just see around all those faces, you will definitely find them in your society too.

I also seen many sexual abuse cases by the elder one, where they take the chance of respect to use the opportunity.  

So I think it would be much better if we to think wisely, who deserves to get our respect. Because respecting those who does not deserve it may give them the chance to do many fallacious matters to us. Not giving respect may hurt them, but will help the passively to correct themselves.

But that does not mean we do not have to respect older. They always deserve our respect, love and caring. As they are in a old age, their emotions are more fragile, so we should not hurt them. And should take a good care of them. They are the one who can give us the valuable life lessons through their life experiences.  


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As a high school teacher in india,  it has now become a part of my life to observe others, especially students, respecting me for no real reasons! On special occasions such as their birthdays, they even go to the extent of prostrating in front of me to show their respect on me! Weird, ah? But It is a norm here and is an intergral part of the indian culture. Literally, I'm tired of this act!

I often tell my students not to fall down before me or any others including their parents for that matter to show their respect. Obviously that's not how you show respect! Respect doesn't require any physical agonies! It is a lovely feeling.

We have been to taught by our teachers and parents during our school days to show respect while encountering an elder. Have you ever wondered what exactly does the word respect mean?

In my humble opinion, Respect is the state of mind of a person that generates an inferiority complex in him/her and makes him/her stutter and falter to handle the moment of confrontation with the person whom he/she has a special place in his/his heart!

This is exactly what the word 'Respect' represents. I bet nobody can disagree with this as the true respect indeed does this all!

That being said, in order for such a feeling to organically develop inside the mind of someone, the individual he/she thinks deserves respect must be an extra-ordinary being in the eyes of the first person. For that to happen age for sure can't be a barrier!

I have respect for children who do many great things despite their young age. I have respect for the ones who had driven the technology to the advanced level as we experience them today. I do have respect for the ones who fought valiantly for the freedom that we enjoy this day!

Age is not a barrier to be respected and the same holds true for vice versa. ie. Just because a person is 10 or 20 years older than you doesn't entitle you to respect that person. At the same time, you are not bound to be respected by the ones who are younger than you just because you happened to born a couple of years ago than him!

Taking birth in a particular year is a complete random probability. II would like to re-iterate this word that- "Randomness, probability and chances shouldn't be respected, but the activities!" 


I think it is, if not for anything else But for the experience of life through the years they have lived on Earth.

As they say, experience is the best teacher and by honoring them, we appreciate them more for their knowldege and also their effort of contribution in that error that somewhat enabled ours to exist in the form that it is Now. This is mostly to those who lived 80 years and more ago whwn thw worls was going through phrases and alot was happening.

Otherwise for the most part, honor and respect are earned, if someone who is relatively older than you but not too old expects to be regarded with honor and yet their actions speak otherwise then i don't think they deserve to be regarded so high.

I once fought with an aunt who is a much older than me. Genesis of the fight was that she threw bitter words at me but expected me to swallow and keep quite as i owed her that respect for being older. Well, joke on her, i did not and refused to succumb to her abuse. I fired back, bitterly. When asked why i responded to my elder the way i did, i simply told them "When a younger person looses respect for an older person, there must be a reason that provoked the young person to react the way she/he did, As i was brought up to respect my elders.

Everyone else who was there seemed to agree with me.


My humble opinion on this matter is that anyone older than you should be honoured. It dosen't really matter what they have done to us in the past. As a Christian, I believe we should forgive people that wrong us because there is a reward awaiting us from the most high God.

People who are older than us are to be honoured. So we should by all means always try to show respect to them as they deserve it.

If older people hurt us badly, I will suggest we find a way to avoid them through every way possible. Insulting elderly people is not something that makes God happy with us. I am not saying if elderly people wrong us or act wrongly we should not correct them. Sometimes we have to grab the bull by the horn and tell them where they have gone wrong.


in my opinion, respecting both parents is something that must be done. not only respect, you also have to love them and follow their orders. because they struggled to care for you from childhood to adulthood. especially your mother. your mother struggles to give birth to you, and your father goes to great lengths to work to make money to raise you up from childhood to adulthood.

if they give evil commands, that is the only thing you should not follow. for example they tell you to steal. stealing is evil. therefore do not follow. but if they order you to wear a blue shirt. but you don't like clothes that are blue. but you have to use it to make them happy.


This is an insoluble problem

It is true that seniors are entitled to respect and a little attention.

But it's not a reason for us to go busting at peak times! It's an insoluble problem.

When it happens to me, I always let the older person go, but I do not fail to point out to him that he has just "grilled" the place or that, if he asked me, it is thanks to my education that he can do it, but not thanks to my tiredness or the fact that I'm in a hurry.

The problem is when he is a little deaf and it must be repeated screaming, there it becomes more embarrassing (we pass squarely for someone odious: refuse to let a grandma, what a shame).

It would take a proverb of the style "respect for others begins with self-respect", like that, we would not feel guilty no more let down by a weaker than oneself!