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Has Steemit changed your life?
If so, how has it changed your life?


Being on Steemit is probably one of the best things to happen to me in 2018.

I wanted to be a freelancer. A freelance writer, to write from the comfort of my home and get paid for it.

And so I tried to get on Fiverr but it eventually didn't turn out well. And while writing for a friend, he introduced me to Steemit. 

I immediately made some findings about Steemit and discovered it was a platform designed just for me.

I dived fully in and started blogging almost immediately after I had introduced myself to the community.

Being on Steemit has helped me improve my writing. I have become better at articulating words and presenting it to a wider audience without the fear of incompetence. 

Being on Steemit has made me learn a lot from other Steemians. As I get to read other people's blogs, I get to learn a thing or two that I probably wouldn't have known if I wasn't here.

Being on Steemit has helped me meet a lot of amazing people. You never know who a person is until you get close to them. I have been able to meet amazing people simply by being here.


Yes. Steemit has become part of my daily life and made me someone else. One more creative and attentive!

When I was first told about steemit, I was incredulous about all the benefits it could offer me; however, I decided to sign up and here I am talking about something that has changed my life since February of this year.

I have always written and on several occasions I have participated in readings or poetic activities. Normally I wrote for myself, to get out of me what I thought or felt inside. Rarely did I let you see what I was doing, basically out of pity or because of a complex that many writers have of believing that what they write is not good. But when I started in Steemit I began to publish what I was doing and the positive criticisms began, the flattery, the dedicated comments of specialists, which filled me and made me see that maybe what I was writing was not so bad. So in one way or another Steemit has given me the security that I didn't have regarding my work.

Similarly, I find it hard to relate and have friends in real life. Even if it doesn't seem like it, I'm a very unsociable person. But with this community that has changed! Every day I interact and speak through Discord with people from different countries, from many cultures and with thousands of things that they can teach me. Not even facebook made me have so many friends and meet so many interesting people. hahahaha.

Also, Steemit has made a miracle with my economy, maybe not substantial, but I have noticed the difference. As you all know, Venezuela is going through one of the worst social, economic and human crises that we have ever experienced, which makes us suffer from shortages of all kinds. Thanks to the money I have been able to make here, I was able to invite my family to buy pizza and ice cream, a thing that could be normal in any country, but in mine it costs a fortune. Thanks to steemit I was able to give that gift to my family and not leave my account at zero.

Since I'm talking about my country, my country is a backpack that I carry up and down; wherever, I take it out and show it, I talk about it, its problems, but also its beauty and its potential. Steemit has given me the platform, the stage where I can talk about what hurts me, what worries me, what makes me happy and makes me live in Venezuela. Surely, if you are a person who lives in Steemit, you have come across more than one Venezuelan who puts the country as a reference. What you may not know is that due to the censorship in the media, we Venezuelans have no place to complain, talk, express our discontent, and it is Steemit where we have found friendly ears and shoulders to support each other.

In short, these 10 months have been a gratifying journey in every sense. Now I know about whales, dolphins, plankton, but above all, I know very well who I am.



Yes, definitely! I've learnt so many things since I've registered that I can't even list them. I'm always saying Steemit is a learning curve for me and I mean it.

At the beginning I wasn't sure I could do it, there was so much to learn, everything was new but I've been lucky to meet my old friends from another platform and got a lot of help and support, which I'm grateful. 

The most important thing that happened to me is that I've met some very nice people I'm in contact with.  Steemit is a great community, full of smart and dedicated people we can learn a lot from. Community is what makes this place amazing.

I've learnt photography, which was my passion before but here I've had the opportunity to see and experience more, participate in contests and challenges. Contests can give you the opportunity to test your knowledge and learn to be better every day. It's really motivating. Writing in English is also a challenge, a big one for me and since on Steemit and especially on Musing, my English has improved a lot. 

Having so many artists to learn from made me try out drawing, which I love by the way. I have no talent and it's a great accomplishment for me to be able to learn to draw. Below you can see a portrait of mine. 

Last but not least is the financial part of the game. Being able to monetize my knowledge, my photography and art is a wonderful thing. Figuring out how to grow my account was another challenge and it still is, every day. I'm not planning to cash out what I have in my wallet, but it's wonderful to know I could buy something with the Steem I have earned. 

To tell you the truth, I can't imagine my life without Steemit and Musing. When Steemit was unavailable due to HardFork20 implementation, I had to realize how much it means to me and I'm not alone with this. So yes, Steemit has changed my life. 


Being on Steemit has been one of the greatest things to happen to me in 2018.

Firstly, steemit has caused me to become a great blogger, I can now make posts of good content courtesy of steemit. I now know how to write posts and reference them.

Secondly, It has helped me in the aspect of exposing me to the world. I am a gifted musician and before now, my music had been limited to only people from my state. But with the help of steemit, I can now drop new song and people from all over the world get to listen to it and even download it in just a few minutes.

Thirdly, I have gotten to meet new friends both locally and internationally. The friends in question are ones I met here on steemit and they have really affected my life positively, most of them even interact with me as if we have met before. They are all wonderful people and I too try to be very friendly and social with each and every one of them. These are people I wouldn't know if I had not been on steemit.

Lastly, Steemit has helped me financially. I have paid a lot of bills through steemit. I have benefitted a lot from sacrificing my time and energy on steemit and that is why I keep on saying that steemit is God-sent. I have earned through my music skills and also my blogging skill here on steemit.

So I would say Steemit is really a game changer in the social media world.

With all these I have mentioned, Steemit has really changed my life for good. 


*Change, they say is constant!* Steemit came my way the time I needed it the most and it changed significant aspects of my life. No doubt, more than 70% percent of active users on the steemit platform have got one or two things to say about how the blockchain has affected their lives positively.

**For the very first time, my dream of having more than a source of income became realistic through steem.** I started blogging on the blockchain when a steem worths $3, in about five months, that wish gradually became realistic through active participation on the blockchain. At first, it appeared rough and tough to get along on the platform, but as time flies on a short run, my cheeks started smiling. It was fun and a great deal of excitement that I found **Steemit**.

A second change Steemit brought to me was **improved writing ability**.

I know someone is saying, "he's not even a creative writer"! I agree with you, but at the same time, I know deep within myself that my writing skill has simultaneously improved and am happy about that.

A common saying quotes:

> Practice makes perfect!

This proved to be true in my own case, because the more I strove to my make posts, the more I improved and I am so convinced that I have largely improved and still more to be unleashed.

And a third change Steemit triggered was my decision to start **investing**.

Since, I made extra income, the mind of investing came in and realistically I started investing, this investment in turn earned interests. Does this sound sweet?

@ohmygoodness, one of the best that has ever happened to me, of course it changed my life as a young man is **STEEMIT** social platform and how it changed my life is enough reason to preach about the steem blockchain to family and friends.

Best regards,



Being on this platform is maybe one of the best decision I have made in life.

Before I learned about Steemit, I am very much engaged in other social media, specifically Facebook. This is because of the nature of my work. My job is to make communications for meetings, receive reports and papers from schools under Cebu City. Sometimes, no reports are submitted in a day so I am stuck on Facebook. Until I realized that I am not getting anything from Facebook so I looked for other websites where we can gain anything. Then a friend introduced Steemit.

When I joined Steemit, my primary reason was to earn. I am still a month in this platform and this month they say is the hardest on Steemit because of the very low price of Steem. So, my expectation to monetize Steemit was not realized yet. So, I think Steemit hasn't changed my life financially yet.

However, I can say that Steemit has made some changes in other aspects of my life. The time I spent on the internet has been more meaningful. Because of Steemit, my communication skills has gradually improved. My confidence has been boosted and I can now write meaningful contents.

On top of that, I got to meet people ho are very accommodating and nice. Now, I don't care even if I am not able to get a glimpse of my Facebook feed but I feel something missing if I don't get to read my Steemit feed.

photocredit: 99bicoins.com

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Steemit has changed my life in a positive way. I wake up everyday to see how much my reputation has gone up and what my rewards are and also check on the latest feeds to see what new things are going on in the platform.

I like to use musing and steemhunt more than steemit. I do occasionally post on Steemit but not always. Here in Musing maybe the number of viewers are more. There are many interesting questions for me to answer and questions I could ask. The world is an oyster here yet we can have our privacy of not being known and no breach of privacy.

Nowadays, at times, I spend about two hours on the platform daily. More than even Facebook combined in a week. I guess, there are lots of informative things to learn here which is something great. Cryptos are on the rise. It's good to be a participant in the new Era of how business could be conducted in the future. Maybe one day our Steem power would become the shares of steemit Inc which one day be publicly listed. Who knows right. Miracles can happen. More and more millionaires are getting younger and younger. I have seen more billionaires at a younger age than in the past.


Steemit really changed my life, I began to love being creator content since I recognized this blockchain decentralized platform. Through the monetization of content that I did on the platform, I was able to collect crypto, even though it seemed very realistic, but that was the thing that greatly affected my life since I knew this platform. I have a work that is highly valued, and it makes my life meaningful through social media.

Apart from that, there are many experiences that I can only get on steemit.com, and I don't get on any other social media. I have original works, and steemit.com continues to train me to maintain my original work.

Steemit introduced me to the crypto world, and it really helped my little family's economy over the past year, thank you steemit.com, there are a lot of useful things from this amazing platform.


ABSOLUTELY! It has been a life changing experience for me.

Few years ago, I lost my interest to social media. Mainly because I felt that it isn't something that is adding value to me as a person. I'm having hard time trusting a person and information through the conventional platform. It seems that there is no personal touch on everything that I see in it.

That changed until I found the Steemit platform, a place with optimistic individuals and culture. And so I decided to give social media a try, little that i know I started to know individuals and learn about their life principles.

Over time my positive attitude about social media is becoming natural to me. It has given me an optimistic perception about life in general.

I'm grateful for it😊



I never realized Steemit changed the way I live and it has been helping me with a lot of things in my life.

Not to mention how much I earned in this platform that helped myself, friends, and family for our needs. Steemit for me is more than just an earning.

It became a place of learning for me and a source of different information that I can't imagine to grasp. As a person living in a third-world country, I am very thankful that I was introduced with competitive technologies and visionary people who wanted to change this centralized world.

It also became my hobby and past-time. In a day-to-day basis, I have always been spending my time in this platform commenting-posting-hosting a lot of contests-participate in dApps.

Even though the price is very low, I am still all-in for this platform. 


Actually, Steemit hasn't had a big impact on my life. Over the past few months (maybe 6 months) I still generate around $ TU 2,100. I think the amount is quite large, but I still need a lot.

Maybe, Steemhunt will change my life in 2019, when the SMT is finished, and HUNT tokens can be traded.


 My answer is YES. STEEMIT is totally changed my life because Steemit is one of the amazing platforms and only one is for me to bring on other social media website like Musing. Before I was wasting my time on Facebook and other social networks. Well, when I joined Steemit I realize my time is how much more important because I earn some crypto coin. I collect it and I'm waiting now when steam prizes will high up.

So Steemit is an amazing platform because that one is life changing platform, so why not we feel a positive change in our lives. I thin every steemains loved this platform If they spent more time here. I see many peoples there is a hard worker and they have a really wonderful reputation that you can say a successful whale there.

Steemit is an awesome way to collect crypto and sell on the real-time when market prices are high more than. I worked last year on steemit and now I feel more secure here because I spent my lot of time here. I worked hard to get some handsome money that I'll use for achieving my life goals.

So Steemit is really a great opportunity for me because I also learn many things here and I share my experience with others. I also make some good friends that taught and help me whenever I need help with something. We I must say Steemit is the best platform.  


Yes, and that's the fact. steemit has provided many significant changes to its users. Changes in financial and social aspects.  The positive impact of the presence of steemit in my community is very pronounced.

Even though today, many people assume that Steemit is not reliable anymore, but not for me. Because I have taken a lot of pleasure on this platform. I even got the cost of living from this steemit when I was unemployed (not working), I only wrote and created content that I found useful to be read by many people.

I don't care what people say, whatever they say, I remain in my principle to continue to be active in steemit and now also in muisng because I am convinced that the effort never betrays me.


I found Steemit 9 months ago and has turned my life on it's head. In March my binance account was hacked so i hit a low in my life. After that i found Steemit and decided i liked crypto and would give it a full go.

It was slow going and once I realized others had been on here nearly two years already I had to play catch up. the only way i could catch them was to put more time in and slowly catch them up. Over the last nine months I have spent nearly 8 hours  a day on here and it is slowly working.

Time is the only thing I am prepared to sacrifice and has taken any spare minute I have to achieve this. After talking to some established users I realized  I had a little time to grow before mass adoption started and needed to grow as fast as I could.

I work during the day and any breaks I am on Steemit or musing. When I get home I work on here until I am too tired to do any more. This to me is  a challenge and have penciled in 5 years to achieve my targets. Crazy numbers I know but I think it will pay off hugely if I can stay committed.

To say that Steemit has opened up a whole new world is an understatement. For myself to be writing and communicating with people I don't know is an achievement on its own. The more I do the more I enjoy it and I will achieve my goals on here. i came out of my comfort zones and need to make the most of this opportunity now.


I wouldn't say it has changed my life but I have learned a lot of stuff that otherwise I would not have I am very new in the platform and I am hoping to start meeting people from all over the world soon, and I look forward to 2019.


It'e the platform that got me started on blogging. I knew I wanted to blog about art but kept on procrastinating. The platform gave me rewards and motivation to go through with the first post and I just kept on going. I don't have that same motivation to post for immediate gains anymore. I found in Steemit a network of artists which would not be possible in my limited social circle. I gained more than just money, I gained new friends and a community that supported my interests. 


@Ohmygoodness, The Steem Economy really changed my life in overall aspects. If i have to speak specifically then i will say that it expands my creative side and also gave lessons to hold the patience. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Steemit is not only for achieving reward. steemit can change human behavior. character, attitude and emotional person. my opinion, steemit can change everything in humans