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Do you believe in reincarnation?

No, i don't ..

I believe the universe was created to exact a form of self-balance. That is why people die everyday and others are born everyday. Thus the cycle goes on and on but to think that when someone dies, he/she is reincarnated to someone else is not true. That will just alter the balance in a way. There is no connection between the dead and the living. That is why, they are two separate worlds. That of the living and that of the dead.


I used to think reincarnation was genuine as a result of YouTube recordings of little children recalling their past lives.

In any case, now I don't, on the grounds that it doesn't bode well that your spirit holds data and learning, when that is the job of the brain. In the event that we do have spirits, when we pass on and leave the body, the spirit wouldn't take the brain with it, and in reincarnation, it would go to another body, with another brain entirely.

It doesn't bode well to state you can recall your past life in light of the fact that as a fetus your brain isn't completely created and it can't withold or convey such data regardless, and also since it's another mind then every one of the recollections from the last cerebrum are lost and you have a new beginning.

This conveys me to no proof of such thing, and in decision it's a matter of absolute faith

I trust that no living thing in this world really realizes what's after death, provided that they knew they wouldn't be alive.


Yes i do.

It's a touchy subject but I'm open to explaining. I always tend to use my life experiences to answer questions here so that people understand what i am trying to explain when the need arises or when necessary.

Reincarnation often sounds like some religous banter but scientists have proven that it is real as ithas to do with the transfer of the mind, soul and consciousness to another being after certain death.

Dr Ian Stevenson who was a former Psychiatrist at the University of Virginia School of medicine and former chairman of the department of Psychiatry and Neurology dedicated most of his life to finding cases of reincarnation and  claimed to have found over 3000 cases of reincarnation.

I'm a sister to three brothers. Now in the case of myself and my immediate younger brother, when mom was pregnant, she gave birth to still born child. About a year later, she gave birth to another child who was the exact replica of the still born child.

She would always tell me i am a reincarnation of that little baby and i would wonder why buy then the same thing happened with my younger brother. She got pregnant again and the baby was still born. About a year later, she gave birth to the living replica of that same baby.

Most people would be scared to hear this but it does happen alot in the world. People are reincarnated. Some might just say they look alike but then imagine being born into a different family and someone who knew you from am entirely different family recognises you to be someone he/she once knew but the person died.


Yep, a phenomenon of the cycle of rebirth. The state of the human being who died, but his soul will be present again into the world as another creature. Reincarnation is believed to be experienced by anyone in this world. Therefore, this reincarnation is an essential spiritual problem, not related to any belief.


No. I think once you are dead it is just lights out. No more anything. YOu have to live the life you have to the fullest because there is nothing after that. 


@Ohmygoodness, In my opinion now it's not an hidden truth for sure and there are numerous cases where people remembered their past lives and in some cases they met with their past life families too, so, it's not new and i believe that Reincarnation happens. 👍