How important is art to you?

yes, very important. As a cultural being, I consider art as part of the process of human life. Art in the beginning was a process of human beings, and therefore a synonym of science.

Today, art can be seen in the essence of the expression of human creativity. Art is very difficult to explain and also difficult to judge, that each individual artist chooses his own rules and parameters that guide him or his work, it can still be said that art is the process and product of choosing a medium, and a set of rules for the use of that medium, and set of values ​​that determine what is appropriate to be sent with expression through that medium, to convey both beliefs, ideas, sensations, or feelings in the most effective way possible for that medium.

Art is something that refers to beauty (aesthetics). According to The Liang Gie (1997: 17), beauty or beauty is a word that is commensurate with the word beauty in English (in French "beau", Italian and Spanish, "bello").

Viewed from a linguistic point of view, a beautiful word (beauty or beau or bello) is a word which is derived from the word Bellum, whose root word is Bonum, and has the meaning of goodness. Kata bellumatau bonum is two Latin words.

Based on the origin of this word, we can conclude that beauty is closely related to values ​​known as something good or in the term Islam known as "ma'ruf".

The word ma'ruf is a word that has the meaning of being known, prominent, makbul, which is recognized. In English, the word is interpreted as kindness or goodness.

According to The Liang Gie (1997: 10), based on the general theory that develops about beauty, can be categorized into three major, namely:

Beautiful and good thing; beauty as a kind of harmony or order;

Beauty and truth; beautiful things as a goal of contemplation;

Elements of beauty; unity, balance, clarity;

As a reference material, here are some definitions of beauty in terms of terms.

Beauty is the nature of something that gives us uninterested pleasure which we can obtain solely from thinking or seeing that individual object as it really is (Mortimer Adler).

Thomas Aquinas formulated beauty as something pleasant when seen.

Aristotle formulated beauty as something other than good also was fun.

Charles J. Bushnell provides a definition of action as a quality that brings deep appreciation of various values ​​or ideals that are uplifting.

Michelangelo, a great artist argues simply, that beauty is the removal of things that are excessive. (The Liang Gie, 1997: 13-14)

Monroe Beardsley, a modern aesthetic expert in the 20th century, explained that there are three elements that are essential to make a good and beautiful art. First is Unity, where an aesthetic work (art) is arranged well in terms of the content, order and harmony of form, color, style, composition, and so on.

The second is complexity, which confirms that a work of art is not a simple work, because surely in it there is an opposition from each element with a variety of very subtle differences.

And the last is sincerity (Intensity), which means that a work of art is something that has certain qualities that stand out and not as a work that is short. Behind a work of art, there is a profound and extensive chunk of meaning (The Liang Gie, 1997: 13-14).

Art is a cultural product of a human civilization, a face of a culture created by a nation or group of people. Theoretically, art or art can be defined as cultural manifestations (priksa or mind and taste; intention or willingness; works or results of actions) of humans who fulfill aesthetic conditions (Ansari, 1986: 116). This is caused by being supported by a series of elevated values ​​such as religion or other norms.

Koentjaraningrat explained that in culture there are seven elements that can be found in all nations in this world (in human life), namely:

1) Language

2) Knowledge System

3) Social Organizations

4) Life equipment and technology systems

5) Living livelihood system

6) Religious System

7) Art

More clearly, Koentjaraningrat explained: an unvivial element of art can take the form of ideas, creations, thoughts, stories, and beautiful poems. Naumn, art can also be in the form of patterned interaction actions between artist creators, organizers, art sponsors, listeners, viewers, and consumers of art products; but except for that all art is also in the form of beautiful objects, temples, beautiful woven fabrics, craft objects and so on.

In connection with the explanation of Koentjaraningrat above, by Fakhruroji explained that practically, art as a culture created by humans can be distinguished into:

1) Literary art, art with language tools;

2) Art of music, art with sound or sound tools;

3) Dance, art with movement tools;

4) Fine art, art with tools of lines, shapes, colors and so on; and

5) Drama or theater, art with a combination of literature, music, dance or movement and form.

The function and importance of art in our lives

Muhammad Iqbal, the art performer born in Sialkot, Punjab, gave signs that confirmed that there must be something to be achieved in art or interpreting art in life. First, art must create longing for an eternal life, because the main purpose of art is life itself. Art is considered as an important suggestion for the achievement of life so he must maintain the field of life to stay green and provide guidance for life for humans.

The second is human development. Art must be able to provide encouragement and intake and be able to pump up a sense of courage and masculinity for people (audiences) who think "chicken" and give enthusiasm to every human being and create longing for a new and ideal (inspirational) purpose of life. Art must have ethical and instructional goals. Art has magical power and must be used to create a good human person. For example: music, must be able to give rise to fighting spirit and encourage courage and inspire valiant deeds, or make human beings simple, orderly, fair and respectful of the Almighty God.

Third, art must be able to make social progress. Artists can be considered as great people and become role models. According to Muhammad Iqbal, an artist with his "prophetic" power was able to elevate the degree of a nation and spread it towards greatness in order to achieve even greater greatness. What is the meaning of a work of art if it cannot evoke an emotional storm in society? (Sharif, 1993: 128)

Agus Purwontor, in his writing "The Role of Art in Human Life" also explained art as a necessity of life. In other terms it is said that art is applied art (art used) - art used ― applied art. In this case, it is explained that art is used for purposes and specific purposes for objects or ideas, according to their uses, but does not let go of aspects of its beauty. Besides having the beauty of being, art also has a useful value from its own form. For example, vases or jars from Ancient China, their shapes and surfaces are shaped and decorated so beautifully, without losing the function of the vase. Humans want to let go and pour out the desires of beauty into their whole lives.

So, based on the description above, then assess and conclude that art is very very important for us in living this life. We should be able to apply art to all lines of our lives because with that art our life will be beautiful.



Art to me reflect the beauty of life in it creation. Most times people don't appreciate everything we see around ,until it is created in the spirit of art. Really art is so important to me apart from the beauty it gives to a room, it also allow us study nature in depth from people's inner spirit.

I have allowed myself keep a soft spot for art work and I promised to furnish my future house 70% of it with works of art. I noticed the whites value art and I do value art to such extend , no matter how much it cost , I will make sure I make an account for expenses on art work.

So to know how much I value art, I do sell my car to get an art work or a beautiful painting made for me. Just unfortunately that I did not study art neither do I know how to create anything of art. But then , my money can cover up for the weaknesses


To add esteem, profundity, and joy to our day by day exercises. This can appear as getting a charge out of the workmanship accumulation on your divider, setting up a cunning dinner to impart to loved ones, and anything you show improvement over it should be on the grounds that you can.

To demonstrate that we are something other than our fundamental needs and cravings. That there is a whole other world to life than insignificant survival.

To flaunt that we can stand to accomplish more than only battle and endure. This is most likely the developmental cause of workmanship. Exhibiting readiness for mating by showing an overflow of extravagances.

To acknowledge and comprehend differing and complex viewpoints. Fantasies, lyrics, theater, writing, pictures, music, etc open us to substances we couldn't generally investigate and extend our energy about our very own existence.

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