During the last days I have seen an incredible amount of plagiarized questions. Often from accounts where members do only ask questions and never answer any. Ineven found some of my own questions plagiarized. It is annoying and it slowly kills the positive user experience on musing. As I do not see how I can discuss this with the people responsible for musing I have to ask here. Isn‘t there anything you could do about it ?

I have seen this too and my suggestion is that you join Discord and check out the Musing Discord server.  There is an area in there where you can cite abuse by other users.  They will investigate it and then they will take the appropriate action.  

That is your best bet to try to crack down on those sorts of things.  

Sorry such a short answer, but I really think that is your best course of action.


I have seen some of my questions also being plagiarized in here and I don't feel OK about that. It's my ideas after all that I am putting in these questions. Some users might have gotten under the radar of Steem cleaners accounts that flag spam and get their questions almost always automatically flagged, but not all of them. Probably it's the fact that new accounts can be created continuously by such users and put to work. 

From what I know musing is not flagging such users and it hasn't got yet any method to stop such practices. Hopefully will make something about it, otherwise this platform will loose its user experience quality a lot. I have had a pretty long period of time in which I refused to scroll through hundreds of questions just to find a handful of ones that I would answer to. I assume that if the interface would display the accounts reputation score it would be easier to spot such users and do something about it, us the "everyday users". 

Or at least it would be good to see who asked the questions without having to open it. This way just seeing the name of some spammer would definitely make me scroll further and stop loosing time. Last but not least flags on musing would be also a way of making such users quit. There is the option of flagging them but it involves going to Steemit and search for their account, search through their comments, identify the one having a plagiarized questions or anything related and then flag it. Till then ignorance is my one and only way of dealing with such people. 

A few monthss ago I used to answer such users and even exposed a plagiarist and tagged musing in my comments, but nowadays I lost interest. I'm just doing my thing and that's it. Don't have the patience anymore to do that and feel like the time wasted doing that I can use better.


You can not stop the inherent quality of someone in a decentralized platform. So if the abuse is getting stronger, the guidelines have to be tough to filter such abusers out or make their business a costly affair for them. I guess what you are referring to. In fact every genuine is user is on the same page. 

There are people who in an organized way asking question and I would have considered them granted if the question quality are good and original. They are just copy pasting 1 month old questions and there is a clear pattern to it. There are some 4 to 5 accounts which in a series are asking questions one by one. I will not analyse them whether they are only asking or only answering, but my point of concern is that they are plagiarizing, which is not going to add value to this ecosystem.

This is one part what the users in musing are experiencing. But can you understand the position of musing as well. Musing is at a very nascent stage and when it is gearing up to getting popular and want to add more musers and want to make this platform a better question & answer platform, can it afford to frame a tough guideline where some genuine users or first time offender or users who commit a mistake inadvertently will also be unjustly sanctioned. Probably at this position musing can not make a strict rule to filter out such abusers and the best way should be to identify those accounts and just mute them and their question. When they see their abusive business is not earning for them then they will automatically evaporate from this platform. That is the best solution to deal with such users. 


i agree with your observation that are some questions that are similar or duplicated. but we cannot also easily conclude that it is intentionally plagiarized except maybe for those who have intention to do it.

in the first place i dont find it reasonable enough to copy and post the same question. i dont think it would recieve the attention and upvote value than the first post.

with the thousands of questions already posted in musing, there is an increasing possibility that somewhere, somehow in some parts of the world has more or less come up similar or the same questions being posted in musing.

there is no means for us to be alerted that same question has already been posted.

it will be much better if musing will be able to add client side script that will alert and will disable submit button if there is a similar content or post.


Yes, there are some plagiarized questions. I also noticed that. Musing should have some method to detect existing questions. Maybe Musing should not let submitting the same question more than once. Or at least put for moderator review before posting.

For example the following two Musing questions contains the same question ("Why do you think Switzerland is not part of the European Union? ") (the first is the original question, and the second is the plagiarized):

  • https://musing.io/q/erikah/p3zxhjpkw.
  • https://musing.io/q/jesmin30/p3ctab6sw.

I also found some of my questions plagiarized with some words changed.

Musing should give a flag option, so we can directly flag if we find a repeated question.


It is good to know, not i am the only one, who is curious about a question.

Yes, plagiarism is bad, but what can anyone doing, if the question contain one more or one less word, or actually the same sentence? Nothing. This is, how the system works, like we, or not.

On long term, is not a big issue, if you think about it, because someone, who too lazy to a real work, will fall at time, and will leave us. And this is good. We just need to be patient.


Nothing - it's the same as pulling a dry stone out of the river, it really won't.

In addition, learning to think who plagues you is not willing - they are everything is seen by the letter S, crossed from the top to the bottom with several dashes.