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Could you imagine a world without internet ever again?

For people who were born recently it can be a very difficult thing but honestly I can definitely imagine a world without internet. Because I believe we did not have internet before 1990's and I believe people were still able to do everything by then. Though the way they did everything was a bit different, they were really better in so many things. I would honestly say that we have too much of dependency on Internet. We cannot help it and that is how it is going to be in the future. 

To be very honest, it becomes really difficult for me to spend a day without my mobile phone or internet. But I still do it these days once in a while. Especially when I'm travelling to places where there is no network coverage, I'm forced to stay without internet. It definitely gives a great feeling and piece of mind. Though we have so many advantages today from the Internet, there are also many disadvantages as well. The most evident disadvantage is that we have stopped communicating with people nearby but we are concerned about people who are in social media and people who are not even related to us. 

If there had been a situation where people end up living a life again without Internet, it will really be awesome. But we will not be able to last longer. We will again look forward to invent something that can help us communicate with people in long distance. As the proverb says "Necessity is the mother of invention", even if we don't have internet, humans will look forward to invent something that can be an alternative for internet. As we are social beings we are continuously looking forward to connect with people all over the world. If we have had options to connect with people outside the world, we would still go for it. 

Internet of Things

When I'm writing about this, I suddenly remembered about the advancements that are happening with IoT as well. There are so many innovations happening where many gadgets have started to use internet and are highly dependent on Internet for their day to day activities. Most of the gadgets that we have with us work only if there is internet facility available. If we don't have internet, there will no meaning in using those gadgets at all. Earlier it used to be just the system that was given importance. But in today's world a home pc is of no use if it is not connected to the internet. 

Some of the things that will really hinder us if we don't have internet are:

  • We will not be able to get live updates on events happening all over the world. 
  • Communications with people in different part of the world can be really challenging. 
  • We are so dependent on the data available in the internet. If there is no internet, humans will not be able to gather or share knowledge. 
  • Technological advancements can be difficult without internet. 
  • Lots of people will lose their earning opportunities. 
  • Globally all the business will be affected where cross border communications happen. 
  • GDP of every country will be affected greatly. 
  • Share trading and market will see a huge fall and even people will not be able to view the market stats real time. 
  • We will then have to start exploring the legacy ways of doing things. 

So, I definitely can't imagine a world without internet. But I'm sure we will definitely be able to survive if we are just dependent on our own life. It might add more value to our life maybe. 

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I think it's possible to imagine anything if you try hard enough. But, in all seriousness, I grew up in a time before the Internet and didn't have Internet until I was an adult. I have read reports that show that we are addicted to social media, gaming, and our smartphones now so I think if the Internet were to go out unexpectedly people would have a hard time adjusting to the new reality. I'm not sure how communication would change without the Internet or how we would stay up to date on the news or pay our bills. Because we have come to rely so heavily on the Internet for literally every aspect of our lives. People would have to actually leave their houses in order to learn about the world and socialize with each other again. Mentally, it would be a HUGE adjustment to what we have now. 


A world without internet? I will boldly say that it's not possible for the world to exist without the internet, especially, in the 21st era which we are presently. Taking the internet away from this world with be tantamount to putting us in a dark room that lacks ventilation, light and food. It is imminent that we all would not be comfortable and may even cease to exist.

It is scary to think about what the world would look like without the internet. Let's take a flashback at some years ago, when it's not possible for someone to ask a question and get an answer with a reasonable distance between them. Thanks to the internet that birthed platforms such as musing.io on the steem blockchain.

Removing the internet from our world would affect a lot of people and sectors because we are in a technology-based world where almost everything uses internet. You need internet to use a banking mobile app which most people can't do without these days. Also, keeping in touch with loved ones is an important part of life and the introduction of internet to the world has made it so easy with lots of texting and video call apps.

Conclusively, these are few of the benefits of the internet to the world which doesn't even give room to imagine a world without it.

Thanks for reading.

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That is impossible....if you are talking about 21st century, if you are talking about technology, if you are talking about present human civilization, if you are talking about automation, if you are talking about internet of things, if you are talking about  the every other aspect of your daily life, then I must say there is a little bit of internet in everyone's life right from the moment they get up early in the morning.

The evolution of the smooth, fast and precise technology always takes internet along with it and without internet it becomes irrelevant, no matter how good the technology it. I can even say to the extent that you can not run your life for a day without internet. Be it a city or a village or a smart city or even a remote place, if the real connection and access has been established then it is by internet only. The term global has become rational only because of internet. 

We may see the further evolution of internet but the internet by its core will always remain from here on and it will play a crucial role not only for the development but also to restore the human value to a greater extent. Internet will set a new definition of value in the next decade or so. Therefore internet will become more profound for the next generation to come. 

It does not matter whether you know about internet or not but in your everyday's life you come across the frame of your social domain which has been functioning with internet. Therefore it is not at all possible to imagine a world without internet.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I am part of the generation where we spent our childhood days on backyards playing traditional games, playing with other kids and burning skin during summer so I can say what would it be like again if the internet were to be gone. It will be easier to adjust, well partly, for us who never had the taste of the technology at early stages of our life. While on the other hand it will be difficult to the millenials to adapt to the situation as they were almost born on the era of internet. And for the worst, if that thing will ever happen in the future, a huge amount of money will be gone globally. Nothing more, nothing less.


I hope it can return back but time now is different all is run by internet system. businesses and daily lives are rounding thru internet now. Facebook , youtube , Twitter , youtube and Google.  THis is the main media now a days.  

I grew in time that internet was for assignments that you cant find on your school library only for searching. Im happy to play outside our house , seeing my friends playing some street games. Even in the school you need to stay in the library for so many hours. we enjoy it coz sometimes we find a time even in the library we are playing with the words. Mobiles are only for text and calls thats all. We are happy to hear the voices of our family and friends. We are excited to see them in person.

More activities are perform, Like before when you wake in the morning. You are excited to see whats new outside , childern are playing , others are walking , cleaning their backyards. drinking coffee outside taliking to neighbors.


The world without the new nowadays would be the world without electricity. Since it's invention around twenty five years ago, it is something that everyone needs and can't live without. The net nowadays has become something really essential. Everything we would want to do is done with the integration of the internet and everything associated with the internet.

If one day the net shut down, airplanes would fly out of order, Uber and other ehailing companies would suddenly shut down, mining for cryptos won't happen and In some ways the end of the world. Even North Korea the country that restricts everything has an intranet that chooses the Content it uploads on its servers namely all about the great things of the country.

If the net shut down, everyone would suddenly feel lost. I think all and everyone would suddenly feel lonely and esepcially those who have grown up having smartphones in their life would find it really difficult to adapt. I think there would be mass hysteria that would go on throughout the world. The news would be those outdated ones and many more. But maybe without the internet everyone would finally be free.


If this question were asked 20 years ago, when we hear news over TVs and radio, when all our transactions are manual, then world without internet would be possible.

However, we are now in the era where we are very much dependent on the internet. We pay our bills over the internet. We watch TV shows and movies over the internet. We listen to songs over the internet. We play games like basketball through simulations over the internet. We even order our food through the internet. If the internet would break down now, I believe we cannot carry over our life now. There is no denying that internet has gained popularity worldwide that young and old alike are familiar with this.

But, in my opinion, Life back when the internet is not yet a necessity is more enjoyable and meaningful. When people spend more time with their loved ones than on the internet. I miss those days when lovers go to cinemas to watch movies. When children get to spend more time with friends who will be there even if the internet is down. I miss those days when, before there is internet, we spend time with friends sitting on the side of the road listening to stories with the moon as our lamp. I really love to reminisce those times when we swim on the rivers, hunt wild animals for food, strolling the fields for wild fruits than being on Facebook. If I can ask one thing from God, then that would be to come back to those days.

But since we cannot go back to that time now, I am trying my best to let my daughter experience what I have experienced. As much as possible, we draw her away from gadgets. We also see to it that we get to spend every spare time we have with each other. That way, when she grows up, she will realize that her parents love her very much. 

All we can do now is to wish for those days.


I think I can imagine life without internet but I think I will be miserable and have anger issues every day and die early from heart disease from high blood pressure. Internet is an integral part of our life. The amount of information we consume these days thanks to the internet makes me think, internet is like food. Sending a letter these days is so foreign a concept. Can't imagine having to queue up to book tickets, not having google maps, reading newspaper everyday, having to buy dvds, writing letters. Imagine how much productivity will slow down and economies crash. And bitcoin will go to 0. so i do not want to imagine that at all. I can however, take a break from the internet for a week i think, to detox myself from internet addiction. 


I can imagine but I don't think it will ever come true. I remember the world without internet. I was close to become a teenager and the only way to communicate besides the classic ways was mobile phone calls and SMS so I kinda know how it feels to live without internet. However internet made easier lots of things for us. Made searching for jobs and renting easier, made shopping easier and made dating also easier but it also had its side effects. In the case of the ones abusing it. It made playing games all day easier, it made porn more accessible to anyone at almost any age and it gave "birth" to hackers so we can say that internet is not just milk and honey, but used with care and seen from the right perspective it is really a blessing. If you ask me if I want a world without internet I will definitely say NO. Not in this world. If I were to live in some remote part of the world connected with nature and living a life out of the ordinary I would definitely not want internet. For the world as it is internet is definitely a necessity. Make the most out of it but don't get lost in its web as some of us do very often. 


 I think we live life happily also without internet because we have a lot of time to spend with family and friends then we automatically live life happily. Well, it's up to you that you want to live without the internet or not.

Personaly I love to spend time on internet website because I learn and ear lot here. This is also the only easy way to earn some handsome money living at home. So that's why I love to do work here. That's why I can't imagine my life without using the internet.

Some people are addicted to the internet so they won't live without spending time watching the internet. Everyone life has the lot of things they attached with so they won't imagine staying away from daily important activities.  


Not really. I think the internet is part of our life and it's not just for fun. If it would happen, would be very bad. Imagine all the date that is transmitted via internet? No internet means no knowledge, no development. Half of the world would be paralyzed. 

Some part of the world is still living without electricity, running water and of course internet. Those would live happily of course, but the others? So life without internet is not really an option. 


I cannot. Ever heard of the phrase "The world is a global village"? The internet, a network of networks, connects the world. The world was once without internet and that was okay, we weren't dependent on it. But now, almost every organization, government and institution is somewhat dependent on the internet.

Reasons why the internet is necessary to the world

* Thousands of remote jobs are available on the internet. People are able to work and earn a decent income. In Japan, there's this project that was developed. Disabled people will be able to control robots, serving as waiters in a restaurant. This means, they will be able to earn a living and not be a burden to others.

* Distance education is possible because of the internet. Nursing mothers, husbands, old and young, are able to learn online. They are able to gain knowledge from their choice university, without travelling or leaving their families.

* Developers and other professionals are able to collaborate on jobs and software development, via the internet. They work on tasks from different parts of the globe, and this reduce cost and solves a lot of issues.

* You don't need to spend a fortune on books, because the internet contains a large amount of information.

* People are able to connect with friends and loved ones, without being physically present. Preaching the gospel to nations is possible, with the internet.

We are in a digital age and this means, we cannot thrive without the internet. It really improved our quality of life, and made things easy for us.


Well, I can't imagine that. I am working with internet, earning money with it too. LOL, if no internet again, we will return to the stone age once again.


That's gonna be a tough world to live in, especially in the case of this generation whereby there were born at the dawn of the internet and are totally dependent on it.

As for me, I can imagine myself living in a world without internet to my knowledge. I was born and live for 15yrs before learning about the internet and the things that it can do.

It was the time of simplicity for me. Even though internet is meant to solve connectivity related issues and dissemination of information, I honestly think that our life became much more complicated with it.

To learn new things is good. Most of us are getting consumed by it to a point that our social life is being dictated. This is not to say that internet is bad, all I'm saying is the fact that some people can't set a balance between their lives with the internet and without it.


@Ohmygoodness, It's really important to have an Neutral Mindset because do we have any guarantee of comfortable lifestyle for the whole life. We are living in uncertain world where situations like Natural Disasters which are uncontrollable aspects, can change our life completely. So anything can be possible and we should hold the Neutral Mindset, in that way no matter which changes will occur we will going to be ready for the action.


Yes I can and there was nothing wrong with it. It makes our lives a lot easier but I could live without it quite easily.

I can remember when it first started and made things a lot simpler. It wasn't straight forward in the beginning either as connections were extremely slow and we didn't have search engines like Google.

I could go back to the old days and forget the internet for  a while. It is not the be all and end all in life. It has pulled families apart and that is not great. It has changed the world we live in for better or worse. Sites like Facebook I think are terrible and fake. Unfortunately we live in a society that is gullible and wants everything immediately. As much as I hate the internet I do see it 's positives.

The world relies on it for way too much these days. The whole infrastructure would collapse overnight and that would be a terrible thing for everyone. As much as I liked the times before the internet I can see it's advantages and they outweigh the days before internet.


In my opinion. For now all humans live part of the internet. without the internet like living in darkness.