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From what age on would you consider yourself being old?

I think being old in my opinion will start with when one can make the right, responsible and viable decisions by themselves. Someone can definitely be increasing in age but yet they may not be increasing in experiences so this definitely means that one can be increasing age but not actually growing old. To consider myself as being old enough I must be able to discern between right and wrong make responsible and mature decisions that are selfless and worthy . stop making decisions is one aspect that one can fully be able to make very well with being old and having experience. So I would like to put this straight to you a 17 year old can be old enough meanwhile a 25 year old may not be old enough the difference between these two people is experience that they have been exposed to.

I'm currently 24 now but I still do not yet consider myself being old enough this is because I am yet to still embrace some certain kind of responsibilites for example responsibilities that has to do with raising a family and making someone a priority rather than my own self. I believe when someone can consider themselves old enough it would be a period of time whereby someone else will be their priority and not themselves alone. I do believe that I can consider myself old enough if be able to shoulder the responsibility of others but currently now I am not doing that I am currently shouldering my own responsibilities and until I reach that age where I can be able to do that then I do not consider myself old enough.

So I can definitely not mention a certain age because I think being old enough doesn't have to do with age it has to do with some features and characteristics that can only come with experience and not age . by the time I can make certain decisions without having any body influence it and the time that I can carry responsibilities of not just myself that is when I will consider myself old enough