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What do you think about Britain, what is your opinion, did you ever spend time there or do you intend to go there someday?
To clarify this, I do NOT ask for your knowledge about that country! I want your thoughts and your opinion :)

To say the fact, I love Britain. I am African and I know the difference between these two. Last year my visa was denied to London. It was very painful. By 2019, I will put in for another application. I pray that will be granted. Why I'm I longing to live in this country? Hmm! Africa is cool but just because we lack so many things, some of us don't find it appealing. We are still developing and there are so many things we are still lacking. Massive old up, poor electricity supply, poor road network, to mention but few. I'm always surprised that America isn't producing oil but they have enough fuel that can sustain them for years. Nigeria as an oil producing country still sometimes cry of fuel scarcity. Our management is very poor. Police man will slap you and go scot free. Human right isn't taken with utmost seriousness. Only some God fearing Barristers take it upon themselves to fight for the general public. We are not being encouraged. I'm not trying to bad mouth my country but sometimes, let the truth be told. As beautiful and good the people are, the leaders are poor.

We have many countries in the world that is very conducive but why am I choosing UK ? Its funny but that's just the fact... I love English premiership and watching it live has been part of my dream. I never knew much about Britain until I started watching soccer in 2002. I'm a die hard Manchester united fan. So sad we are missing it in the race right now but there is still more chance in the champions league. We will trash Atletico Madrid in the knockout stage. Lol.

However, there are some of my friends and families in UK. Apart from the fact that I've had a long time love for the country, they give positive feedback about it. That coupled with my initial state of mind made me want to visit there more.

I will be so glad to visit UK some day, probably next year as God would have it. Then, I would watch Manu vs Chelsea match live. My presence on that day will give manchester united a 7 - 0 win. Hahahahaha..... Sorry Chelsea fans..

That's my personal opinion about visiting Britain.

Thanks for the question.

@beautychicks cares.