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Can body be built naturally without the use of supplements?

Definitely! Supplements do exactly what they say in the name, which is supplementing your diet so you might get better results.

So you don't need to use them, and you should certainly not replace your diet with only supplements. Most people tend to use them for extra protein, as they either can't physically eat the amount required, can't afford to buy the required amount, or don't have enough time to prepare the food multiple times per day.

First, set a goal you want to reach in terms of your fitness. When you have a goal, find a workout plan to help you achieve it. Lastly, assess your workout, plan your diet around it, and create/find some meal variations that you can make for each day of the week.

Good luck with your fitness goals!


Yes, do a little research and figure out what foods would be best for your body currently. High protein/mod carbs & clean foods. If your doing a lot of cardio and weight training you may need more carbs in your diet for energy. It really just depends and is hard to say by just reading a quick post, but you definatley can build/shape/define your body without extra supplements. Just make sure you are getting adequate nutrients through a proper diet. 


Of course.

Everyone dreams of building muscle to look good. While some people consume supplements to build muscle, you don't need it. If you are wondering how you can build muscle without supplements, here are the steps you must take:

**Step 1: Lift Weights

Lifting weights is one of the best ways to build muscle. Weight increases muscle action and as a result you easily develop large muscles. The good side is that you don't need to lift heavy loads for you to build muscle; You only need to lift a medium load.

For maximum muscle growth, you must lift weights three times a week. When exercising, you must ensure that you target one area of ​​the body in each session. For example, you have to do chest and shoulder exercises in one session, foot exercises in the second session, and back and biceps exercises in the third session.

**Step 2: Eat Lots Of Protein

Protein plays a major role in building muscle; Therefore, you must take sufficient amounts. To be on the safe side you must take at least 200 g of protein every day. Experts recommend that 15% of your body's total calories must come from animal protein and sources such as meat.

While plant products have protein, they often lack essential amino acids that help in muscle growth. One of the best vegetable proteins that you must consume is soybeans.

**Step 3: Eat Lots Of Fat And Carbohydrates**

Fats and carbohydrates are the main energy source in the body; Therefore, you must consume enough to have enough energy in the body.

By consuming enough of these nutrients, you ensure that the body has sufficient energy sources; Therefore, your body does not use protein deposits to produce energy. This is to prevent muscle degeneration.

To be on the safe side, you must ensure that 30% of your calories come from fat and 50% of them come from carbohydrates.

**Step 4: Rest Your Body**

Even though you might be interested in continuing to exercise in order to build muscle quickly, you should avoid exercising without resting. Rest helps the body get new muscle adaptations through general adaptation syndrome. When you rest, you have to make sure you get plenty of sleep.

These are the steps you must follow to build muscle without taking supplements. When lifting weights you must be careful not to hurt yourself. Very important, you must ensure that you master the right weight lifting technique before you move to a heavier load.

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 Yes, it surely can if you take care of your diet. Take protein-rich food, consume less carbs, and exercise regularly, at least running and swimming. In my opinion, supplements do more harm than good. 


body shape becomes ideal with or without supplements.

* Fitness without using or consuming supplements, supplements are food additives. So of course we don't have to buy or consume supplements that are widely offered in the market. Eat healthy foods that are easy & cheap, which we meet a lot around us.

* Must or not we consume supplements, all depends on ourselves. We will only give advice, consume additional supplements only if our daily food is insufficient for the needs of nutrients that are needed by the body, especially when exercising / fitness, in order to get maximum results.

* If we want to have a body that is athletic & ideal but in terms of economy our pockets are mediocre, foods that are needed in body building, for example: Green Vegetables, Eggs, Red Rice, Tubers, Fruits, etc. which is very easy to get around us, the price is also much more economical. So don't be discouraged, stay motivated & intend to have a good body.


Surely! People have lived a long time ago without supplements. Just eat the right kinds of food at the right amount. 


Yes, it surely can if you take care of your diet. Take protein-rich food, consume less carbs, and exercise regularly, at least running and swimming. In my opinion, supplements do more harm than good.


It is possible to do an exercise program to shape the body to allow the body to form naturally.


1: Keep away from high-calorie foods such as fried foods, ready-to-eat foods, processed flour, and sweet foods. Increase consumption of fish, processed low-fat milk, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and wheat.


2: Make water as the main liquid we drink. Don't rely on coffee, sweet tea, milk shakes or juice with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Water will help the body burn calories perfectly. Make 10 glasses of water as our target every day.


3: Eat every 4 hours but with small portions. This will help the body to have stable energy. For muscles, this condition will keep nutrients flowing constantly. But make sure the food we choose contains more protein and complex carbohydrates. For example a piece of grilled chicken breast juxtaposed with whole wheat bread with pieces of lettuce and tomatoes will be a lunch menu that fills the stomach and muscles.


4: Don't forget to complete our fat burning exercise program with cardio exercise. Do cardio exercise that we like whether it's swimming, running, going up and down stairs, or skipping.


5: Do weight training too, because the muscles cannot form without the help of a load. Make sure the muscle that we form is a single muscle tissue. For example when we do pushups, the muscles that are formed are not only the arm muscles but also the shoulders, shoulders, to the side muscles of the abdomen.


6: Sleep well at night. Because when we sleep, the body will release muscle-forming hormones and repair muscle tissue that is damaged during the process of muscle form. An added bonus is that a good night's sleep will keep our appetite stable. Tips Always start with warm-up exercises with cardio Fitness Equipment exercises such as: treadmill, crostrainer, static bicycle, and continue stretching lightly for each body muscle.

1. set your breath for each weight training to avoid injury and get maximum results. At the time of making a move on the maximum Fitness Equipment (such as pushing the bench press, or lifting weights or Fitness Equipment upwards should exhale, otherwise for negative movements must breathe

2. Practice with Fitness Equipment and partners if possible, in addition to maintaining security as well as giving moral encouragement and motivation

3. Determine the weight of the force as follows:

  • Do Fitness program exercises with a certain weight, according to kemapuana
  • When feeling light, gradually increase the load
  • The target reaches the recommended reps / counts such as in the Fitness & Fitness Shop
  •  Ensure that the last repetition always feels difficult and challenging, but within the limits possible

4. Rest between 2 sets in a row for a maximum of 30 seconds, and try to complete the Fitness exercise in 1.5 hours

5. Do not train muscles with sick / stiff fitness equipment after exercise, coercion can cause injury or prevention of muscles to develop