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What is it that people do not tell you about an adult life?

Growing up, I thought becoming an adult was about the fast-life: you got whatever you want, whenever you wanted it. Little did I know that the adult life is test of one's patience. Ranging from financies to relationship matters, rushing to achieve one's goals only results in the miss out on a countless number of important life values. Being an adult is about learning to be patient in world where things seem to be moving fast. '

Another aspect of adulthood is learning to cope with people you hate and dislike because they are everywhere. You shall find some in your workplace, church, schools, etc. Learning how to cooperate with such people is a very important aspect of adulthood and a key factor to one's success in life.

The last but not least point is that as an adult, you would not have adequate free time. As child, I always wished to become an adult so that I can have enough sleep and entertainment time. This mentality simply was proved false when I became an adult. Responsibilities never stop piling up. So as adults, we seize every moment we can and have fun because if such opportunity slips away, you may never know when you will come across one.


Quite a lot if I must say. We've been bludgeoned for too long about the need to grow up only to find our that adulthood doesn't necessarily mean maturity.

When I was younger, all I ever wanted to do was grow up. You'd ask people questions question's and what they will reply is that you are too young too understand. We thought that was the truth but little did not we know it was an escape route.

Adulthood doesn't necessarily means things to will be become more betterment or easier, if anything, it makes life more complicated.

No one tells you about how you the works will begin to judge you for things that you don't have control over. It's what we see these day's around us. Everyone wants to become involved, not necessarily involved, but they want to monitor what goes on around you. It's like having a CCTV camera strapped to your backpack so they could have agendas for their gossiping sections.

Growing up is so very overrated. What I think happens is that people put up what they want others to do see and act like the way they want when they are in the comfort of their closest.

People don't like grow up, they act it.

If you could zero down on what many people do during their 'me' time, you'd be shocked.

I see the way people act when they are in love and gains betterment understanding of people's attitudes. You see all the childlikeness come out. It's not that they act like you kids because of the aura of love. It is that they've always been that way but scared right show it is.

It blossomed when they are in the company of someone who who wouldn't judge them for what they are or the way they act.

No one ever told use the truth; adulthood is overrated.


That they let us feel being adult is one of the best stages in life. That you will be living in a happy life having a good salary. Pursuing your career and find a man that will help you build together your dreams. That being on that stage will be a stage of success and earning opportunities will arise.

They did not mentioned that the level of maturity and the sense of responsibility arises and it will totally screw you up. They haven't mentioned the pressure of friends, family, and even at work which are depressing.

They didn't tell that you'll be building your dreams. That it is not easy as one two three.


The main individual who can discover your bliss is you. Everybody can, and frequently will, give you guidance, yet you are the special case who can detect your own particular bliss.

You can't transform anybody yet yourself. You can harm them, extremely actually, yet you can't transform them. Regardless, they should decide for themselves who they wish to wind up, and however they may request help that assistance won't generally be true.

The world is shallow. Individuals will pass judgment on in light of outward appearances and outer variables. Individuals are bad or terrible in light of the fact that they had been great or awful to you. Keep in mind, each one has possess story. Try not to pass judgment on them.

At the point when a winged creature is alive, it eat Ants, yet When the feathered creature is dead, Ants eat the fledgling..! Everybody's chance changes. Everything is impermanent in this world. Your feelings, considerations, companions, relations, individuals and view. The main thing that is steady in this world is the Change, adjust it. Keep in mind, Change with changes generally change will change you..!!!

You can't go around. You can't dodge it. Acknowledge it, let it hurt, yet this is one that everybody will learn sooner or later. So figure out how to manage the torment in your own specific manner, voluntarily. There is just a single way out of agony - experience it.

Disappointment is never last. Opportunity is continually thumping on your entryway. Disappointment shuts a few entryways, yet in addition opens new ones also. The key is to be receptive about new undertakings, better approaches to utilize your ranges of abilities and encounters and the likelihood of making a couple of strides back.

Indeed, even your shadow abandons you when you're in murkiness. That is the reason figure out how to live alone. Regardless of how great you will be, you are replaceable. Whenever. Easily. Try not to depend excessively on anybody in this world.

You should support yourself in light of the fact that nobody else will. No one truly thinks about you, with the exception of when they need you to think about them.