What do you respect most about your parents?

So my mom passed away a couple of years ago and it's just been my dad taking care of me and my siblings. What I respect most about him is the way he shielded me and my siblings and prevented us from being exposed to the things that most people who didn't have mother's would be exposed to.

He literally became bout mom and dad all at once, he'd cook for us, wash our clothes and so much more and even though he had his shortcomings, I don't think anyone could have done a better job than he did.

I also have to respect the fact that he was able to raise us with all the morals that he was brought up with. He didn't have anyone to help him or anyone to cry to when things seemed hard, he just kept moving forward and that's something that I truly respect about him.

My mom died when I was really young but I still remember alot about her, in fact, I was the last person to see her alive amongst my siblings. I still remember how much of a good and devout Christian she was. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to be like her but if I did then I'm sure my passage to heaven wouldn't ever be in doubt.

I hope this helps.