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What has life really taught you?

Honestly life has taught me so many things.  Both good things and bad things. I have exposed myself to so many bad things and even recovered from them. Time is a good teacher. Time also helps in healing at the same time, it also gives us good lessons to learn. In several instances I have even felt that it would have been great if I had the opportunity to live the same part of my life again rectifying all my mistakes. I'm sure many of us will definitely want to rewrite our life after all the lessons we have taken from our life now. I would like to explain few things that I really learnt from my life so far. 

Knowledge is beyond textbooks

This is a great lesson that I got from life. Parents usually think that a child will become intelligent if they get good marks and study well. I'm not sure about other countries but this ideology is very famous in India. The great lesson that I was able to learn was that knowledge is beyond textbooks and we are not going to implement anything directly from the text books instead we are just going to implement the experiences that we gained though our learning. 

Purpose of my life

I have had several experiences in my life. Some of the near death experiences gave me some kind of enlightenment to explore the real purpose of my life. I should have been dead long back. Life gave me two opportunities to live. I almost escaped death in two instances in my life. That made me think a lot about the purpose and what I should be doing with the life I have got. I consider my life as a gift to explore the real purpose and try to attain salvation. I also make sure that I share the experiences and learning that I do with others as well. 

Importance of socializing

Believe it or not, humans are social beings. It is quite rare to see someone who really hate being social. More than 95 % of people who live a human life are dependent on others for their life and they are somehow socially dependent. I appreciate the fact that socializing is very important for human beings. We are not designed to lead an individual life. We have to learn many things from others through our life and also we are designed to render our help to other fellow beings. Not just humans but we are also designed to help other living beings as well when we get the opportunity. This is really a great learning that I got from life experiences. 

Handling relationships

I used to be very bad in handling relationships. I'm someone who like isolation and not very great in handling relationships. I still suck in various aspects related to relationship. But today I'm not very bad like how I used to be. I'm able to handle some relationship complications by myself. This is something that I gradually learnt from my life. I believe that every individual will undergo a transformation where they get the opportunity to learn how to handle relationships. Relationships create both sweet memories as well as bitter experiences. The beauty of life can be understood only after we balance both the extremes of relationship. 

Value every individual

I live with a principle "Every individual whom you meet in your life will have something to teach you".  I have taken this phrase very series. Even if I find someone not intellectually great, I continue to observe the person to learning something from them. I strongly believe that every individual will have something to teach us. It can either be good thing or even bad thing. In case of good things we can directly make use of it and in case of bad things, we can take it as a bad example and be careful when we come across such situations. 

Search should always continue

This is one of the great lesson that I learnt from life. Whatever happens we have to continue with our life. The search for the ultimate truth should always continue. We might attain satisfaction in our life but we may not reach the fulfilled the state. Our intention should always be towards fulfillment. In order to undergo such path, our search should continue always. It need not be necessarily related to spirituality or spirit realization. To make the statement very simple, we can compare it with a bird's situation. For a bird to lead a life, there is a high necessity that it should continue to search to find its prey. Similarly until we identify the truth and even after identifying the truth our search should always continue. This is a great lesson one can learn from life. 

Close your mouth and open your ears

We should always be ready to listen a lot. But by nature people really love to give opinion and speak a lot than listening. For some people listening is not at all easy. This is a great learning that life thought me. I hand out with lots of elderly people and most of the time my mouth will be shut and my ears will always be open. I feel that it has helped me a lot to learn so many things. The elders or even same age people, when they share their personal experiences with us, it is quite valuable. We become experts by listening to them and by not having any necessity to undergo the same situation in our life. The key to success is keeping our ears open to everything and keeping our mouth shut even if we get opportunity to speak. Maybe that is the reason why naturally the ear is always open and mouth has a facility to close. 

I can go on like this forever but I would like to stop till here. I'm sure every individual will have great experiences and learning from their life. Some people really learn very fast by observing good and bad that others experience and some people learn it only when it happens to them. 

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Interesting question i must say. Life has taught me to cherish the time we have with the people we love and to make good use of it. Enjoy it while it last because tomorrow you might not have the opportunity to. I learned this lesson when my grandma which i loved so much died. She was the one who raised my as a baby and was much more like my mother. It just happens that when i grew up i spent very little time with her and every time she met me she would ask me to visit her more often but i will promise to but always let other things keep me away from doing that. The truth is, at that time i thought she is there and will always be there so can see her later or so but when the news of her shocking death got to me i was so struck by it.

In the twinkle of an eye she was not there and i could not even give her the one thing she had always been asking. I regretted it so much and for a long time i wished i could go back in time and spend  more time with her. I always planned to give her the best life could offer in the future but failed to give her the little i could offer at the time when it mattered most.

This is a great lesson that i have learned in life from this experience. Losing my grandma taught me to appreciate every single second we have with the ones we love and if you have something to do for them, do it at that moment because tomorrow is uncertain and trust me you don't want to rely so much on it. Time waits for no one and the best way to make good use of time is now. Don't wait for tomorrow for it might be too late.


Life taught me a lot of things like life is a process of continous learnng. Whatever experience or situation in life we would face, there is something to learn from it.

Life goes on too whether we like it or not or we are living it or wasting it. I have also learned that time is the most precious gift you can give to anyone.

It is because giving your time is like giving a part of your life that you cannot take back. That is why it is important to spend it to those who really matter to us.

Also in life, every decisions and actions that we made, and will be making will affect our future. That you will regret some of the things that you have done but will have more regrets for the things that you did not do.


Life has taught me the value of knowing yourself. If you know yourself and act on that knowledge, you will avoid a ton of trouble. Man's got to know his limitations. Young adulthood is the time in your life when you should be actively pursuing self-knowledge through trial and error as well as reflection. That is the time when you should not shy away from experimenting as you are free from responsibilities and the cost of failure is low. Armed with a ton of experiences and self-knowledge you can build your career and relationships with more confidence in that you've made the right choices. 


Life has taught me a lot of things and I often get stuck with the two favorite quotes and a verse from the bible that I keep holding. I would like to mention the two favorite quotes I've been keeping for years.

A quote from Albert Einstein about people who made some mistakes in their life.

"A person who never made a mistake has never tried something new" - a powerful verse for me that brings a lot of message. Often times I made some mistakes in life and its an indication that we are out of our comfort zone. Take it as a challenge to succeed and that mistakes are sometimes stepping stones for a better version of yourself.

Second quote was from Thomas Edison about failures :

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that didn't work". A deeper meaning of mistakes are failures. Oftentimes we see failures as negatives in life. That being a failure is not failure, The way of doing something is the thing that you just have to change. The methods and strategies solving that were the reasons why it didn't work. But its note a failure!

Lastly, that believing is the key. Knowing that there's someone greater than you and that his plans are always the best.

 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

An amazing life verse that I keep holding. That the Lord has plans for me and me and Him partnership will deliver the best version of me.


The Best Lessons That Life - The School of Hard Knocks Taught Me Are Following

Failures & Successes are never Final

Failing More & Bouncing Back Makes You Most Successful & Stronger

If you do not work on Your Dreams - you would be working to make somebody else’s Dream a success

If you are not learning continuously & making your earlier knowledge & skills redundant - you are already becoming unemployable/replaceable

All that causes - lot of pain & makes us go through very tough times = when you look back HAVE CREATED BIGGEST POSITIVE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE

Our closest relationships gives us - most horrifying & most pleasant moments

Our regrets are the things WE HAVE NOT DONE

Our Fears are baseless - most of the time what we are scared of never happens


Here are some lessons that have changed the way I live:

If you stop stretching, you contract.This is true for both the mind and body. Adopt a beginner’s mind and continue to push the limits. Don’t stop learning. The secret to youthful living is through flexibility. Yoga is an excellent way to stretch both your mind and body.

When you know what you’re doing is right, but you’re not sure if you’re going to make it or want to give up because it’s too difficult, that’s the time to persevere. When you know you are wrong, but you want to hold on because you don’t want others to think of you as a quitter, it’s time to pivot.

it’s difficult to determine where to draw the line between the good and not hurting people’s feelings, so you can defend what you believe in.the people we care about most in our life are physically taken too soon.Life has taught me to watch carefully before I leap

We’ve heard this many times, but how many of us are proactive about it? What were your last five projects and how successful were you? If you achieved most of them, you’re not stepping enough out of your comfort zone. Go bigger so you can fail…and learn.

When we get angry, we waste our own time and energy because we rarely achieve our intention. We usually want either the other person to feel as bad, if not worse, than they’ve made us feel, or we want to get their attention. It almost never works out this way. Most of the time, the other person is oblivious to our anger. Stop wasting time being angry — spend your energy and time on more productive activities.

No such thing as multi-tasking.

This is one of the most common mistakes of productive people. We do tasks one at a time. Multi-tasking is the continuous back-and-forth switch between tasks. Every time we switch, it takes a while to warm up before we operate at full speed. Try scheduling dedicated blocks of time for each task. Don’t forget to include breaks so you can rest.

That's All I learned From My life..Cheers and Steem On!