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How can technology make some people become less emotional?

Today most communication happens with the internet an app on a phone or the phone itself.

Face to face communication has got less and less so no real relationship is built up like it used to. This has created a somewhat disjointed society. People are hiding behind their computers or their phones and saying things that normally one wouldn't.

People just don't care as they are not emotionally attached as much as they would have dealing with these people face to face on a regular basis. They don't know them or if they are married or have children. They are just a number and actually have no meaning to them.

This is happening more and more in social and business life. The caring and personal sides of relationships are disappearing and it is down to lack of proper personal communication.


Technology is moving people away from their feelings. Emotions are one of the most important distinguishing features of man.

As an example, I should mention a situation that causes the most obvious loss of emotion.

Love and love about the emotional loss of technology. This way people meet over the Internet began to establish relationships. This relationship is easy to obtain, love and love is difficult to be love love. As technology evolved, these became easier and feelings were lost.