What type of women should you never date?

I'll list some issues below:

1. Serious untreated or unsuccessfully treated mental health issues

Personality disorders are the worst. Borderline Personality Disorder is a pretty common affliction that can make relationships a living hell for those afflicted and their partners. BPD is characterized by severe emotional instability with a tendency to see things in black and white terms, taking turns from thinking very highly of someone to thinking they're the worst. There are others and they can be quite bad.

2. Immature women

This category partially overlaps category number 1 but includes less serious issues that do not fulfill the diagnostic criteria of any mental illness. Self-centeredness is typical of immature people. There will be difficulty in store for you if you date that kind of people.

3. Irresponsible women

Irresponsibility manifests itself in many ways. One is irresponsibility with money. In a modern consumerist society, all of us are constantly brainwashed to always want more and the latest and greatest things. Advertising mostly targets women and women are the drivers of the majority of retain purchases in America (70-80%). There are some women who are constantly broke because of overconsumption even if they have good jobs and steady high income. 

4. Women whose mothers you can't stand

If you're serious about a woman you're dating as potential wife, take a moment to consider what her mother is like. A lot of the time, that's your wife 30 years from now that you're looking at.

I think women who nag a lot are never any good.

Such women will sap the energy out of you which you will need to think, focus, and plan your life ahead, and even hers as well.

Imagine trying to make some calculations and carry out some investments and your girlfriend is screaming into your ears about the dishes you forgot to do.

Or about the little corned beef you forgot to get when you went shopping. Such distractions are never good for you, both physically and intellectually.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to learn your girl before dating her, make sure she has no affiliations with nagging or she will suck the life out of you even before you know it.
A very wasteful woman

Although she already has a good and well-rounded financial life in her life, I am not interested in women who spend their money on unimportant desires just thinking about spending every day without thinking about saving for old age

Moreover women ask for this and buy it to me

The Gold Digger:She is with you only thanks to the money boy! She needs to do out all the flamboyant restaurants, and expects you to shower her with pricy gifts all the time, and treat her like kings. we all know you prefer to indulge your lady sidekick, however there should be a limit, right? She might not extremely care abundant regarding your feelings, and it can be as regards to the money, honey! thus simply get eliminate her before you go bust, and she or he breaks your heart.

The Clingy One:"My honey, bunny, baby , what area unit you doing?" Get wont to receiving such messages each jiffy once chemical analysis this lady. She simply will not allow you to breathe peacefully for even a second. Yup, it feels sensible to be needed, however you do not need her to bombard you with calls and messages once you area unit at work, right? And affirmative, make preparations to face her wrath if you miss even one decision from her.

Flirt: She used the foremost charming words, contend together with her hair within the most sexy means, smiled the foremost beguiling smile, and created you go crazy for her. But wait, she will that with everyone.

Marriage Obsessed: You depart, the date is fun, the speech communication is wonderful, the chemistry is sizzling, and everything simply feels right. Then your date starts talking regarding the long run, regarding wedding, and what not.

Overly Dramatic: you only have gotten to be cautious of this one! She likes to produce a scene publically, her too dramatic gestures and expressions can make sure that you mostly get uncountable superfluous attention.

Cheater: This lady possesses everything which will cause you to need her, however she isn't a keeper. She has cheated, and likely can cheat once more.

Save yourself all the heartache, keep one's hands off from this gal!

Pretty Princess: She appearance at the globe through her rose-tinted glasses, and expects everything to happen in step with her whims and fancies. the link is all regarding her, and you barely exist. All the dates and activities are going to be planned in step with her want. She conjointly expects you to treat her like kings and indulge her sort of a patrician.

Jealous: a bit jealousy is usually sensible, however it ought to be in a very fun, flirty way, not the creepy psychoneurotic means.

Control Freak:. she is going to decide you, shout at you, and create your life miserable.Well, you are doing need your partner to be honest with you, however that does not mean she keeps insulting you all the time.

Insecure Woman: She is that the quite girl UN agency is usually in a very relationship. She has in all probability outlined her life through the view of her relationships. And being alone makes her extremely insecure and sad. she is going to date you only as a result of she does not need to be alone.