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What causes light black stains in the back of the teeth?
I found that some people, even if they brush there teeth and do not smoke have sometimes little tiny stains which are visible especially in the back of the teeth, What are they and how are they formed. I have heard before that there is genetic influence on this phenomenon, is that true in any way.

 Thank you for asking using the musing platform, related to your question what causes black stains on the teeth ? in my opinion, the cause is the leftover food and drink in the mouth that is not cleaned regularly and maximally, the rest of the food and drink will at least cause 2 problems :

-On the teeth there will be black or yellow stains on the teeth, if this continues, caries will appear (caries is a cavity). the cause is leftovers, especially sucrose will be processed by bacteria. The residue is an acidic liquid which dissolves the hard tissue structure of the tooth. Just imagine as an example like a pure white iron soaked in an acidic liquid, it will slowly stain, then the damage will occur over time.

-Other problems on gum / supporting tissue. The remaining food will stick to the border between the teeth and gums, then it will become hard (becoming tartar). The tartar will be a fertile place for the development of bacteria that will damage the gums. What is the result of damaged gums? The root of the tooth loses its supporting tissue, the teeth become rocky. In more severe cases (periodontitis) the jaw bone will also decrease.

Well, after knowing the consequences, what does it mean? All leftovers food and drinks should ideally be clean from the surface of the gums and teeth. The problem is some parts of the tooth there's an area where the toothbrush is too hard to reach, which is between the teeth and the sulcus gingiva (the border of the gums and teeth).

I suggest using dental floss, dental floss is the easiest tool for cleaning left food and drinks between teeth. Some manufacturers create tools such as Waterpik so we don't have to bother with threads, just spray high-pressure water so that the rest of the food between teeth is lost. What are the consequences if not cleaned? Teeth will appears black smudges or will appears yellow, the most severe is the teeth will be hollow.

hopefully useful, see you next time, and good luck


The other day, I went for coffee with a friend, and instead of ordering her usual cup of joe, she ordered a cup of tea. 'Cutting down on caffeine?' I asked her. 'Oh no,' she told me, 'But I've noticed my teeth haven't looked as white lately and I suspect the coffee has something to do with it.' Which, of course, made me look wistfully at my beloved Americano and wondered if I was doing my pearly whites a disservice. Truth is, considering that my few joys in life are coffee and red wine, the answer is probably yes. 

However, I've never really considered the effect my daily coffee has on my teeth. Have you? Here are few surprising sources of discoloured teeth:

  • Too much fluoride.
  • Certain medications, including tetracycline and some antihistamines
  • Colourful foods like soy sauce and cranberries
  • Dental damage
  • Beer

As for drinks? The rule of thumb is this: If it can stain your carpet, it can stain your teeth.