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Why would a dog pee on other puppies?
As I was browsing Reddit I came through a post with a golden retriever pleasantly surprised by a gift of tiny golden puppers. Which i believe are his. Anyway the dog keeps on inspecting the puppies and unexpectedly pees on them. Sorry for spoiling the great post but you would already now from the title. Any way here is the post if you want to see it: https://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/a4ggs7/golden_retriever_gets_a_surprise/?utm_source=reddit-android Anyway i an genuinely interested in the possible reasons for that action.

Could you imagine if people peed on each other as a means to exert dominance? Jeeez, the world is already crazy enough..

Yeah, this is the dogs way of marking territory, and exerting dominance. It's the animals way of letting other animals know: 

"Hey this is mine, back off".


Dogs mark their territory by peeing. It is a way of showing other dogs that it's theirs. This is the reason why dogs are always peeing where other dogs have urinated. 

I suppose the retriever is showing everyone they are his. My bull mastiff likes to urinate on our other animals in the house as well showing a dominance.  It is a strange thing but i think it is the simplest explanation. Showing dominance and what belongs to them leaving their scent.