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How to fix a bad sector in a laptop?
I have a HP Pavilion 15 laptop if that helps in anything.
Well, possibly you can't but there are a few things to try.
A bad sector is generally caused by physical damage to the disk itself which makes it inaccessible and or unwritable, so its a serious thing, especially if you had data on that particular block you ned to recover.
So, the first thing you need to do in windows is select the drive, right-hand mouseclick will show you 'properties'. Click this, then click tools > check now in the error checking section, then click scan and attempt to recover bad sectors click 'start'.
Windows will now scan and check your drive and if possible recover any bad sectors it finds.
If this doesnt work, and you need the dats then you willmhave to send the drive to a specialist data recovery company which is extremely expensive.
If there is no data you need to recover, then back up the remaining data and do a full format.
Or, just leave it and do t worry. Modern OS just mark it as bad and continue using the rest of the drive as normal BUT, if younhave one bad sector, it could be a sign of worse to come so my advice is to backup the whole drive and rep!ace it.
The price of Hard drives is not so expensive these days.
Good luck and I hope this helps you sort the problem :-)