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How do you feel now that Stan lee has passed?And this there anything that you miss now that he is gone?
Stan lee has passed today, He has lived a long good life doing what he loved and making tons of people happy by the characters he has created. He sure had his impact in the comic industry. He would be missed.

An icon has gone to rest. Truthfully, he'll be missed. However, the world is constantly changing so definitely, it may be a while, but his shoes may be filled.


Being a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, I was saddened to hear about his passing. His decades of providing entertainment somehow helped to divert attention from anxieties. Marvel will remain but it will never be the same. Stan Lee is irreplaceable.

It's sad that he's unable to watch the upcoming Avengers movie. It is set to become the biggest Avengers film, and he cannot witness the film's success.


He will most certainly be missed! I think one would be surprised to see the impact he had on many people's lives...

But he will be remembered in a good way, and he made place now for new talent.


Stan, you made us grow, stronger, bigger, less stupid; all one must have tried to be stung by a spider, even look at x-ray, fly like Iron Man, talk like Daredevil, or revolt a tank like Hulk, while trying to become green ... or invisible and in Torch was the fantastic time when sounds and colors became action and adventure.

Stan, the path is traced to us, we will have a bigger, stronger, less stupid heart; we will always be great heroes.