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Can a finger print change through a cut?
I have got a few cuts in my hand, which brought up a question in my mind. if you have a cut on you thumb for example would it change your finger print. And if so do forensic scientist have anyway to counteract this problem. Moreover would the thumb return to its normal state a couple of days after the cut has healed or would it be scared for eternity.

I do not have a whole scientific explanation for that but one thing I know for sure is any cut on the finger would be regrown. It's genetic for body parts like the finger. Other part of the hand may get scared, but not the fingerprints. The fingerprints would never change. 4 billion citizens have 4 billion different finger prints. Depending on the depth of the cut; I had quite a deep cut on my left index finger. As it began to heal, I expected a scar, but I was suprising to see another finger skin growing with fresh new fingerprints growing underneath it that matched up to it. I have been seeing forensic movies like Blindspot directed by Martin Gero. One thing I have learnt is that, the only way to remove prints of the finger is by burning the prints of. What am trying to say is, if it's not a deep finger burn, the prints would grow back after a cut. Even as himans, we have skin regeneration. It may not be as fast as we would expect like those we see in the movies, we do regeneration of skin in a slower manner. So, fret not for your fingerprints would return to you. Newer and fresher if I may add. And as a matter of fact, I believe if you had the cut on your left finger, the other finger could suffice for it. So, if you have a biometrics test to perform and you explain to the examiner your condition, they may ask you to replace it with the alternate finger or find a bypass to it and just use it like that for it would still be visible ti the scanner....

Do take good care of your cut too. Don't let it get infected. Infections are bad for skin tissue repair.


Yes, it will change temporarily, but most often not permanently. Unless it is a huge cut, then your fingerprint will be exactly the same as before the cur once it has fully healed. 

People who work with forensic evidence do know that this can happen, and software for recognizing finger patterns are also generally programmed to detect the fingerprint even if part of it is scarred. You obviously can't use it if your entire finger is cut, but a small cut should not be a problem. 


It's something scary isn't it to think that since we use our finger prints for a lot of access to different apps, accounts and many more, what happens if our finger gets a cut. Usually if the cut isn't that deep, and is just a slight cut, the finger print will be restored to how it originally looked. There would be a light scar upon getting a cut but would later heal up. 

There may also be some occasions if the cut is too deep that, it may have the finger print look more faint that it should originally be, but I guess, the other patterns on the finger print still intake won't cause any problems for the finger prints to be still read by any biometric scanners or phone finger print sensors. 

The only time that there would a fingerprint fade and is a time, if the whole finger is cut off or maybe the skin of the finger peeled off and no finger prints are to be seen. So just to be safe, maybe get a copy of our finger made out in case in the future any thing that happens to our fingers, we can still identify ourselves. If this question was, what would happen if my finger prints got burnt off, I think the answer would be then, there won't be any visible finger prints. If it's just a small cut, I think usually the scar forms and heals off with the finger print still intake.