What is your most memorable moment in anime?
Although I do not watch anime as much, in comparison to some of my colleagues I have my fair share of moments that just effect you deeply, especially form Naruto. I do not believe how ecstatic i was when Naruto went into his tails form while fighting neji. Nevertheless the most memorable moments for me was at kakashi's childhood,

My most memorable moment in an anime is when Naruto went from human to four tails demon mode when pain stabbed hinata.

I've literally watched that scene a hundred times because it's just too awesome, thinking about it now sends chills down my spine.

I like that scene because normally Naruto would have to get angry to enter the demon mode and it usually starts from two tails and increases as time goes on. But this time it was different, there was just too much emotions going on that he (Naruto) didn't know when he succumbed to the power of the nine tailed fox and transformed in a heartbeat. Let's also not forget that once he entered the demon mode he fucked pain up, broke the seal given to him and almost transformed into the full nine tails if not for his father's intervention.

That will forever be my most memorable moment in an anime.

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My most memorable moment in anime is almost all the scenes from the anime titled "eiken"....

Eiken is actually a fanservice-themed manga and also an anime series which was actually created by the person called "Seiji Matsuyama"..eiken is a story that actually depicts the true life of a schoolboy named "Densuke Mifune" after he was forced into the mysterious Eiken Club....

You can download the anime at