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How do actifit work?
I am asking on how does app that track the amount of steps you move work, since they can sometimes work even if I close the GPS, feature in my phone and or move in a place with no signal like a tunnel.

It does not require you to remain connected to the internet. You just need to install the actifit app from play store and then you keep the app open during your workout. If you are walking or running or doing aerobics or any cardiovascular exercise, then during that make sure that the app is kept open in your smart phone and then make sure it is firmly striped to your body or hand or waist so that the movement should be along with your body, so that it can count. If you are facing issues of tracking when your phone is getting locked, then you can go to setting of actifit app and enable the option "aggressive background tracking", that should do fine for you.

What ever you do, it counts in activity steps. If you cross 5000 steps, then post your actifit report then you can get an upvote from actifit account. If your actifit report is more then 10000 steps then you can earn higher upvotes from actifit.

It is really a nice app and it can motivate people to go for their physical work daily and post the report daily, so it is like keeping your activity record on steem blockchain. That is really nice and what ever little earning you are getting is always awesome.


Almost all smartphones have accelerometer attached on them. Accelerometer is a sensor that senses  axis-based motion which can also be found on fitness trackers. It doesn't need internet connectivity or location tracking to be able to track the number of steps you move

You say "sometimes" on your question. When Actifit fails to detect your movement/steps it has nothing to do with your internet connection or GPS. That's because your phone enters sleep mode due to inactivity (accelerometer detecting motion doesn't prevent phones entering sleep mode). When your phone is on sleep mode processes from all apps deemed not essential by the operating system (Android/iOS) will be partially or fully terminated in order to save battery power and Actifit is included. You may want to "Enable Aggressive Background Tracking" on Actifit setting if sometimes Actifit doesn't track your steps.


It is easy, all you need do is just download the app from google play store. The App tracks your steps each day when you get your phone striped to your body after opening the app.

This app gives an excellent experience as it encourages you to keep fit while earning. I don't have the app yet but my close friend does and he tell me about how wonderful the app is.

The more steps you make determines the upvote you get. By using the actifit app you are entitled to getting a daily upvote and actifit tokens aswell when you make a post about your daily activity.