Would you rather have 100 BTC or 850k USD ?
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I'll take the $850K, Then I will buy x amount of Bitcoin and have the 500K bitcoin, with some fiat left over to party

I would have rather 850k USD

Because If I got 100BTC

I would trade that for 850k USD anyways :D
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I would rather have 850k USD at the moment. I would be able to purchase about 130 Bitcoin with the current price.
I'd rather have 100 BTC because $850,000 isn't secure. What am I going to do with $850,000? I can't pile it in a stack because a stack of money looks exactly just like a stack of money that can be stolen at any moment. Stealing 100 BTC is harder due to the encryption involved. If I put $850,000 in a bank the bank will just loan it out and credit me digitally with $850,000 in an account. What's the point of a bank making my money digital if I can just have it digital in the first place? If I want to invest 100 BTC the transaction fees don't go to someone who probably got promoted for their involvement in the 2008 economic crash. Transaction fees for 100 BTC goes toward people I actually think deserve it for maintaining a good, strong service that is needed.
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