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What will make a relationship last long?

In my own experience: I guess the best way to make the relationship last longer is to to be committed with each other. There could be ups and downs in relationship but it takes the two of  you to be open-minded enough and how you strive the relationship to become better and stronger.

Being open-minded, having a good communication and a sense of humor are basic relationship recipes.

Remember : without proper communication, there will be no relationship.




1. Take your partner's breath away. Do something  amazingly thoughtful and out of the ordinary and try to incorporate an  element of surprise to it: a loving note tucked into a pocket. A special  dinner on an otherwise ordinary night. A playlist made up with his  favorite songs. These thoughtful acts will embed you in his memory.

2. Do something special on a regular basis.  Call him every day just to touch base for a few minutes. Make his  favorite meal once a week. Once he begins to expect these things, you  will always be close to his awareness.

 3. Engage in lots of eye gazing. New couples seem to do  this naturally, but don’t drop this strong bonding behavior just  because the relationship has progressed. This is one way to keep the  romance alive and is especially powerful when making love. 

Pre-marital lover relationship is often referred to as courtship. In the modern era like today, many young people are going out with their lovers. Some people can maintain this relationship until marriage, but some are broken even if only a few days official dating. Many things cause why this courtship relationship can break up.

Here are some ways to make lasting relationships to marriage:

1. Good communication
Communication is the key in every relationship. Good communication is needed so that all issues can be discussed properly. Communication does not have to be done directly because now it has a lot of advanced technology that allows us to communicate. If you can not meet a partner, at least call by phone or chat about your news. Do not let the couple misunderstood just because the communication is not smooth with a partner.

2. Open with partner
The decision to become lovers should be followed by mutual openness. Do not cover things with your partner so that all problems can be clearly visible. If you cover a thing then the couple will be suspicious and courtship can stretch. Especially if coupled with lies then the relationship will not last long. Therefore, make it a habit to be open to one another in order to understand each other.

3. Mutual trust
Mutual trust to be one way to keep the relationship lasting the same boyfriend. Do not be suspicious with couples, especially if there is no real evidence about the news in circulation. You also do not want to always be suspected for no good reason. Therefore, trust your partner because they will also keep our trust. If the belief starts to be misused then you can solve it well.
The problem did not have to be finished by then
There is a saying that the problem must be solved on the spot. In fact, this way can worsen the decision taken. When there is a problem, then you have to calm yourself first. Do not let the decision taken in anger will be regretted later. It's good if you and your partner introspection each other first and then discussed again with better conditions.

4. Pay attention
Compassion to a boyfriend should always be shown, albeit with a small thing. Give genuine attention to your girlfriend every day, such as asking news, sending food, helping with the task and so on. However, the easiest concern is to respect and respect him as our spouse, whether in front of friends or family. These are lasting courtship tips and intimate until marriage.
Spend time with your partner
As a lover couple, surely you need time to be alone. However, busyness sometimes becomes a barrier for lovers to meet. Do not use busyness as an excuse for not meeting your partner. There must be certain times where you can meet and play together, even if it's just at home or close places.

So how to maintain a courtship relationship to get to the wedding.
Starting a relationship is always exciting and fun, but making a lasting relationship takes great effort. After a relationship, you must maintain an honest flow of communication and continue to appreciate your time with your loved ones. Making long-lasting relationships is not always fun, but the advantages of maintaining long-term and binding relationships far outweigh the difficulties you may face. If you want to know how to make lasting relationships, just follow these instructions.

1. Spend some time for romance
Although the "date night" may sound forced, you and someone special should have a date night at least once a week, or more. You do not have to call it a "date night" if it sounds uncomfortable, but you should make it a point to spend quality quality time with no one at least one night a week.

2. Make love at least once a week
You do not have to mark the calendar, and hopefully you do not have to mark it, but you should make a conscious effort to make love at least once a week, no matter how tired you feel after work, or how many tasks you have that week.

3. Take time to communicate
Although your schedule may be very crowded, you need to make a concerted effort to talk to each other every day, no matter how many tasks you have to do. You can take the time to talk over dinner, or talk on the phone if your distance is far apart.
Accept a relationship as a duty
You may often feel that you do not want to do everything your partner wants to do together. Like working, or seeing a band performance. But actually you also know that it can make your partner happy and mean with you beside him. and Be fair
Not everything "should" be done. There are times when your partner will attend different events at the same time as the event you should attend. No problem. You must be fair and understand that your spouse also has his own life.
The secret of a relationship can survive is the mutual acceptance of each other, complementary, the sense of belonging, loyalty, and openness.

Be patient for the deficiencies of each partner, mutual defeat,

The existence of sufficient financial resources

Good comunication with partner

A relationship will last a long time if the couple is able to make a solitary defense and able to survive the interference of others who threaten the safety of the household. such as in-laws who are too interfering in the household affairs of husband and wife and also the temptation to cheat.

Grateful for what has been achieved, will make the couple remain in love forever.

Close to the god, the temptation will continue to come, if couples close to his god then he will always remember his promise to God when he pronounced the wedding vows before God.


There are many things we need to do so that the relationship can last a long time. The following are some things we should try to make your relationship more harmonious.


Compassion is one thing that cannot be negotiated for its existence from a relationship. With the love you give to your partner will make him feel valued, cared for, and loved. This will make a strong relationship between you.


What is the meaning if the relationship is not based on trust. Trust means you can give your partner the freedom to do everything he wants. So that you don't feel the many boundaries that will eventually become a problem. You never feel worried because you know that your partner can be responsible for the trust you provide.

Humorous taste

This is the thing that is rarely considered influential, but it turns out to have an important role for a long-term relationship. Every couple should know how to laugh and make jokes.


Most people tend to think that the fewer problems means the better the quality of the relationship. Whereas the important points are not located there, but how do you both find solutions or solutions to these problems.

Positive thinking

Having bad prejudice, especially against your own partner, won't make your relationship last long. Naturally when you occasionally feel jealous or unhappy with your partner's attitude. But you know how to control the situation and deal with it with a clear mind.

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The best advice I can give to have a successful relationship is to have good communication and always be honest. That is a good foundation. But truthfully relationships are work and are not gonna be easy. You have to work at it everyday.
It depends on the type of relationships we are talking about,if the relationship is a relationship

whereby both partners love each other then the love will make the relationship last long,the

reasons why they were in the relationship with each other most times will determine what will

make the relationship to last long,if two people went into a relationship with each other because

of the friendship they do have then it is the same friendship that will make the relationship to last

long and when the friendship stops then such relationship will not last long
Partners should believe in making the relationship work, no matter what.
hearing the word relationship is a very sensitive word for the couple, so for the understanding of the person is different little misunderstanding will have its own impact

but everyone has their own way of keeping good relationships

I think the most influential in a relationship is trust, of a trust can arise and effect on other attitudes such as loyalty let alone people who do LDR

next it is keep in communication every day and if your relationship LDR at least twice a week or 3 times do good communication

do dating once a week with your partner so that your relationship will be more tightly and harmoniously
Influencing relationship to keep going long now days are exceptionally intense and a large portion of the general population doesn't offer an incentive to Relationship or individual who cherishes more. Presently days individuals think relationship resembles doormat or simply change of material So they can change/utilize it at whatever point they need. In the event that we return to 20's or 90's in any event there we find excellent relationship where our folks or grandparents experienced part and they recognizes what makes relationship long-last. How about we return to our cutting edge relationship where media or Motion picture representation is reflected in youthful age mind and botching up estimation of relationship and Love and enthusiastic things. Presently days I saw numerous individuals they cancel there lovely relationship simply give lam of reason that parent didn't support, separation I am harming your assertion, proceed onward ,cast , you're not all around settled, not reasonable, inner self conflict, possessiveness, In-law's issue, separate, remarriage ..and so forth., However as per my insight let drill down couple of realities what makes our relationship keep going long :

You Feel Propelled By Your Accomplice : An excessive number of individuals consider just what they can escape a relationship, as opposed to the greater part of the decency that goes into it. So in the event that you feel like both you and your accomplice are centered around contributing positive things, that is an incredible sign,

Have Your Own particular Separate Interests ; in light of the fact that you're hitched doesn't mean you ought to do everything together. Keeping up your own individual advantages, exercises, side interests, and companions additionally encourages you keep up your own feeling of self. In addition, they give you more to discuss at sleep time.

Great Comical inclination : Silliness makes an uncommon bond that, in my experience, makes couples more joyful and stronger when they confront the difficulties of life.

Common Regard : If your accomplice genuinely has confidence in you as a man they will be there for you through all life stages and adjust to help your fantasies. So common regard is essential throughout everyday life.

You Bolster Each Other's Objectives

You Don't Look for someone else to take the blame : Accusing never helps the circumstance or your relationship - regardless of whether whatever has vexed you truly was your accomplice's blame.

Great at Bargaining : You really can converse with him about issues and work things out verbally and attempt to great at trade off as early conceivable when battle happened.

Consider Each Other's Thoughts Important

You Don't Condemn Each Other : He/she recognizes when he's wrong and perceives when awful encounters may have turned somebody unpleasant.

Your Sexual coexistence Is As yet Hot : SEX is most vital and a bit much untouched.

He/She doesn't act like you owe him/her for him/her being pleasant to each other.

When he/she 's stressed or irritate, they will really examine his/her emotions with themselves.

Couple doesn't name themselves as "a pleasant person/young lady ." : they won't see a solitary particle of exemplary "decent person/young lady" conduct from a man or lady who's candidly well since he understands ladies/men aren't candy machines that acknowledge consideration tokens.

You realize that, if you somehow happened to leave, he'd let you without response : Candidly shrewd men/ladies understand that a relationship can just work with two willing accomplices and in this way will give you a chance to take off.

His association with his folks is ordinary.

He/She won't pass judgment on you when you request space.
LOVE. If couples truly love each other they will conquer all struggles in a relationship.

Always Be Honest About Anything

If you want a healthy and lasting relationship, honesty is the key. Do not lie and cover the facts of the couple. If he loves you, surely he will not mind accepting the reality of you most bitter though.
A long lasting relationship is something that many people would really want to achieve especially if

you are in a relationship with someone you love and care so much about,it is heartbreaking to see

two lovers break up,and remembering how much

they truly loved each other even makes the heartbreak worst,i think what can make a

relationship to last long is when the two people in

the relationship truly understand each other and

also respect each other and when they love each other too...