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What are the hardest facts throughout everyday life?

Depending on the quality of the life you are living and your lifestyle choice, the number of hardest facts or parts of the day varies. For a person who is on diet resisting the food that he loves would be the hardest. For an alcoholic coming back home and resisting the first drink is the hardest. For a heartbroken person the hardest part is not to feel sad when thinking about the special someone. Same goes million of other life related things too. 

But, I think the hardest part of the day for anyone is to not offend/ hurt the person he is interacting with. 

So Let me skip the obvious penis joke that I was dying to make. (I am trying not to offend anyone here, But I think I failed)

In our everyday life we interact with peoples. And that involves a lot of word exchanges. And being humans we tends to add lot of unnecessary information to the interaction, and most of us thinks that they are easy but they are not. Imagine that you made choice that you are in company of friends who are lets say not nice. But you developed a liking to them and to stay in that niche you say things that you don't mean to. (That's not much of a help) Lets just say you called someone fat, mean and some horrible things during one of the conversation, you didn't mean too but you said it anyways. Let's say you were trying to be funny. Most of the time we don't feel bad because we are having fun at the moment but you subconscious mind is altering your personality at the very same time. This still may not affect you, But when the person who was the target confront or says something back, that stirs an inner conflict. Which is never good. (That is not much either) 

Let me try to put in more simpler words, It is the 'I shouldn't have said that' feeling. Admit it you get it at least once a day. Where you use the word intentionally or otherwise but ultimately resulted in you feeling sorry about. And even more troublesome fact is you don't know how the person would react to your words, Many a times the words can be misunderstood and can cause you pain. There are cases in my life where I had to explain the other person that I was actually complimenting them on their achievement.

I am no expert in this matter, but the answer to the question 'Am I looking fat in this dress' is always No. I guess what I am trying to say is 'Chose your words wisely', The pain that I mentioned earlier doesn't necessarily has to be mental, You could get stabbed/shot or worse getting kicked into a bottomless pit. :-D



Living and viewing life positively often makes us even away from the real reality of life. We are afraid to know the bitter facts of life because we want to be happy and more productive.

In fact, by knowing the worst reality in life that even we do not want to hear it, even help in determining the steps and solutions to become a better person.

Life is sometimes unjust and will never be fair. It's good we learn to take wisdom not only from things that seem good to us. People who want to learn from the downturn that has a lot of experience and more resilient. The world will continue to spin with or without you. You can not force to change the world or others around you. If you want things to be better, you do not have to change everything in accordance with what you think is ideal.

The thing you should do is to let things you can not change and focus on yourself. Because all you can control in this world is your own thoughts and actions, maximize your life for introspection and complete the plan you've set up.
We are all struggling. We all suffer in our hearts. Every day.

We're worried.
We procrastinate.
We are overwhelmed.
We are angry.
We are lonely.
We feel not good enough.
We wish we were thinner.
We wish we were prettier.
We wish we had more money.
We hope our work is different.
We hope our relationship is different.

We want the whole thing in life to be easier.

However, all this suffering is made of yourself. Suffering is real, but it is real because we create it in our own mind. We bond ourselves in idealism and fantasy, about how life should be better for us.

We are worried because the whole incident may be off the mark. We procrastinate because we are not calm and feel failed. We are overwhelmed and sad to feel that we should be far ahead, not wallow in this kind of failure. We are angry because we feel that life should not be like this.

But it's all just in your head, and it should not be like that.

At least, do not let this happen TO YOU.

You can think better. Live better. This is the choice you can make.

Take a deep breath, and let all the chaotic thoughts go. Focus your attention on the present, the present. Focus on what is around you now - the light, the sound, your body, the ground where you stand, the objects and the humans passing around you.

Do not judge these things - accept whatever happens. Because when you have accepted reality, you can improve it.

See life as it should, without the idealism and fantasy you are constantly thinking about. Release all the disturbances that are causing you stress, and let you experience the moment calmly.

This moment is good enough right now. Let this happen.

You can again think about your unrest in the next few minutes.

But before, now is a good time to remind yourself of the truth that we often flush when we sink into our own minds.
That being hardworking will not automatically make you rich,that we have to work so hard to be able to put food on the table,that a woman will have to go through pains before she can give birth to a child,that We have to live most of our lives with a reminder that death is going to happen someday eventhough it could take up to 100years but it is definitely going to happen someday,another hard facts is that sadness and happiness are also part of life too,success and failures are also part of life
That you have to do the same regular stuffs every day, to earn your bread, unless luck smiles on you one fine day and makes you rich.
**Sleeping ½ hour with deep sleep during the day can give you freshness again after waking up with a value equivalent to sleeping an hour late at night. But if more than ½ hour (1 hour or more), you will even feel tired.**

Explanation: Naturally based on our body clocks (our habits), the body's metabolism (the workings of the body system, including generating energy) during the day progresses faster than at night. This is because the activity during the day requires more energy in the night appeal.
In sleep there is decreased acceleration of body metabolism due to the body in a state of rest. In the first ½ hour we sleep during the day the acceleration of body metabolism decrease has not been so, so fresh effect was felt when we wake up, even equivalent to 1 hour if you sleep at night. Because at night the speed of the body's metabolism is in a slow state.
While in the first ½ hour we sleep during the day, the speed of body metabolism is still fast and generate more energy than the night, so we feel more refreshed.

But if we sleep up to 1 hour or more during the day, the body will experience accelerated metabolic decline is sharper because the body assumes that we are not going to move again. By the time we wake up we become very tired. This is due to the amount of energy produced less body metabolism due to decreased acceleration, while the need more.

Meanwhile, when we sleep enough in the evening, when we wake up in the morning we will feel the body more fresh due to the body's metabolism automatically based on the body clock (our habits) will increase acceleration at sunrise.
I have observed that in this life many people
Do not live a life of purpose,many people just
Want to live a life whereby they can just be
Able to eat three square meals and sleep
Everyday but i believe life is more than that

Someone should live a life of purpose
A life that will change the world and make
It better,i observed that life not a bed of roses,
Life is not always easy for anyone to predict,
Nothing in life is very certain so that is why
Whatever we do we must do it with caution

Life is full of failures and success and many
People must experience one of them
Life is more like a teacher and the more we
Are living the more we will learn alot about life
Life itself is full of risks and no one is certain of what tommorow holds
The hardest facts throughtout everyday life are every day is living with the person who is dishonest and demanding other people to perfect but she applies as good as his heart
The hardest thing in my everyday life is making money online and it is the most hardworking job before getting success but there is a way to get a life long income without working in future.
It's our anxieties that we need to work hard everyday give all the needs of our families. Its harder when our earnings are just enough for the day and when someone got sick we didn't know where to find money.
Life is not rosy all the time,we need alot of patience and alot of commitment in other for

someone to be something great in life,if you are not dedicated to whatever you are doing then it will be very difficult to succeed in life,life is full of

mysteries that nobody can explain,life is full of challenges that will determine if you are going to be a success or a failure,life will throw some

certain things that might hurt you or that might favour you but no matter what it is just keep living a positive life and be good to people
The fact that I have to wake up at 6 A.M. for college is the hardest for me.