What needs to be prioritized by the father to the child?
the task of a father is to provide needs to children both in the fields of economics, education, holidays and so on but what needs to be prioritized

As a father there are certain things that your growing child must be able to inculcate from you, I don't count the basic need of child from his father which are clothing, feeding and shelter as a priority rather I count or see it as compulsion for the survival of of a child, however when we talk of things that a father supposed to make a priority for his developing child, I think the first thing should or would definitely be;

To be Educated to acquired both formal and informal knowledge; formal knowledge is very tantamount and primary in the life of a child because this opens door for the child to axquire other types of knowledges too very easily because formal knowledge will be like a straw that helps him/her absorb either mental training psycological training and otherwise.

Secondly a father needs to prioritize the importance of value; value is the distinguishing of what is right, what is wrong, and the things that are very important in the lives of humanity. When a father prioritizes positive values like integrity, empathy, long-suffering, justice, commitment, hardwork, honesty contentment cooperation, love and many more into a child, he or she (that child) will grow up to be responible to impact the society which they find themselves in, and as a result of this positive values they learn they will become patriotic citizen staying off crime and abiding by law and other which will make them better humans to themselves and their children and the world at large.

When a father inculcates formal education and teaching values and  it's importance to a child it covers other areas which a child needs in other to develop positively and become an accomplishment to the father.