How to increase resource credit recharge rate?
my current resource credit recharge rate is 3.7m per day which quite low. If I post a couple of comments it will decrease very much, could you do any help?tnx

The only way to increase the resource credit charge rate is by Powering Up. Your Steem Power (SP) is almost directly proportional to your voting power and resource credit. In the same way, your recharge rate is also affected by your Steem Power.

If you have some SBD or Steem in your wallet, quickly power up in order to increase your recharge rate and enable you do more.

In essence, the higher your SP, the higher your Voting Power, Resource Credits and your recharge rate.

Have a good one.


Resource Credits recharge at 20 percent per day. The more resource credits you are holding the better. I suggest just powering up all your Steem and SBD as quickly as possible. 

The more SP you are holding the better. Within a few weeks of powering up you will see a huge difference and soon you wont have to worry about how much is being recharged.



When you power up Steem, you increase your total resource credits. With time you'll have to much you wouldn't worry about the rate at which they recharge

You can also get SP delegations. This works the same way as powering up except the delegator can cancel the delegation at anytime and you're back to square one