What do you actually cherish most about this life?

The idea of Family is everything

To me family is everything and I adore the possibility that this an all inclusive idea for some others. I cherish how fathers ensure little girls, how moms can never relinquish their children and how siblings and sisters put their kin before themselves. It is mind boggling yet so straightforward.

2.The innocence of kids

I dont have any offspring of my own starting at yet I do discover them captivating. I generally converse with them I adore the ones that discussion back whether in a brassy or amicable way. I cherish the uncorrupted look in their eyes.

3. Love

I esteem Love and its idea!!! How it can relax someones heart. How its reality are addressed by numerous however obviously lived by some more. The adoration outsiders have for outsiders, the authentic concern educators have for their kids. Those are for the most part types of affection and on the off chance that you wake up having faith in it you will encounter it from minute to minute, regardless of whether you are watching the motion with which the canine proprietor praises his pooch or the way a youthful more interesting holds a senior's hand to cross the street. This may sound prosaism yet love truly is all near.

4.Knowledge, Education and Wisdom

Its profundity. I acknowledge information in any frame. I value our capacity to distuingish ourselves from whatever is left of the other life frames known to person. The way that we can be normal and utilize our circumspection. The manner in which we can instruct and gain from each other.The astuteness of the more established individuals. I love life in light of the fact that as much as I revere investing energy with kids I have a longing to converse with more established individuals. They generally have stories to share and whether it is upbeat or dismal it will influence you to welcome the way that you are as yet youthful and capable.


The only thing i cherish most in this life is my family. If you read a couple of answers you will know i am a family-orientated person. My mum, sisters and brother come first. And being the first child i have a primary obligation to love and protect my family. There is nothing else in this world i live for but my life, absolutely nothing. Without them i will lose my encore to life, my sense of purpose. My major drive in life is to see that i provide them with the best i can afford and it can be a daunting task sometimes, i most admit, this responsibility but i would have it no other way.

One of the lessons i have learnt in life is that family is everything. It won't makes sense, having all the money and fame in this world without having the people you care about around you to enjoy your success. In a world full of lies and deceit, one can only find true love in the company of their family. This is not always the case as some family members can be a something else entirely. But having a good family support can boost one psychology, providing them with the emotional balance to thrive in life.

So if I'm going to choose anything in this life, my family will come first, even before my own self sometimes.


The endless possibilities

The warmth and happiness we are able to share (and sometimes share)

The love I share with family and friends


I cherish alof things about this life but one thing which I cherish most in life is the fact that a person has the greatest power to determine his or her happiness,yeah

you heard me right,,a person can become happy when they appreciate life in whatever form,when a person understand that life is full of ups and downs and when such person understands that challenges would only

make us become stronger in life then such person would have the ability to remain happy and calm in any situation,so in other words what I cherish most about life is the "act of freewill"..