What is the best way to prevent suicidal thoughts?

Perhaps there may be value in truly LISTENING to those aspects of oneself such thoughts would emerge through, rather than condemning them/it and trying to shut them out.

Perhaps those aspects of oneself might have valuable guidance behind those initial thoughts, which many have been too impatient with and fearful of to hear out before judging and running.

That not to say this means give into and follow through upon those thoughts. But rather, to embrace those darker sides of oneself to more deeply understand the pain BEHIND those thoughts in order to begin bringing light to and transmuting the charges at root.

Ultimately, such thoughts are an indication of IMBALANCE. Kind of like a red indicator light on your car signalling that it’s time to take it to the mechanic to attend to something happening under the hood.

Thus, you don’t really WANT to prevent the light from ever coming on - as it’s an immensely valuable tool providing the guidance that something needs adjustment.

This is all a pretty loaded question, as there may be MANY opinions and answers people COULD give - though what’s going on under the hood is a rather complex puzzle, and it’s unlikely there are many people who understand the entirety of your situation, programming, body chemistry, and overall soul trajectory & life path well enough to provide a completely accurate answer CUSTOM-TAILORED to YOU and your precise needs in the moment.

Yet, there’s ALWAYS information/wisdom to be unlocked through negative charges/experiences, once you begin processing rather than judging them.

And SOME of that information/wisdom is likely to be heard through the channel suicide thoughts may be coming through - not in THOSE thoughts themselves, but in digging deeper to more intimately embrace and work with the SOURCE of those thoughts.

And who knows... perhaps once they’re not made out to be wrong and attempted to be avoided, that side of you through which they come may experience a shift as he/she experiences the compassion of being heard out.

Much more that COULD be said, though hope this sums up what I’m meaning to get at here and activate the intended SHIFT IN PERSPECTIVE... 🙏💓


one other addition:

I’d recommend getting some 5-HTP (can pick up at any health food/supplement store) and take twice a day. Should probably notice a significant lift in spirits in about a week,

Not to say this is a solution in and of itself, though it’s one of the most basic nutritional components that can make a big difference at a very low price.


Think about every one of the general population who love and care about you. In spite of the fact that you ought not feel regretful for having suicide thoughts, you can help keep these considerations by helping yourself to remember every one of the general population on the planet who truly care about you. Without a doubt, you might feel totally alone, yet that might be on the grounds that you've been withdrawn from your companions as of late or you haven't been feeling near your family. That doesn't imply that there aren't individuals who care for you and need you to push ahead.

Obviously, one reason individuals have suicide thoughts on the grounds that they may feel like nobody at all thinks about them. Without a doubt, possibly you don't feel like you have any genuine fellowships and you don't have a solid family bond, yet that doesn't imply that there's nobody who thinks about you, regardless of whether it's a neighbor, a colleague, or an associate. In case you're supposing adversely, it's normal to surmise that definitely nobody cares, yet this is once in a while the case.

Try not to feel regretful or embarrassed for your thoughts. You may feel terrible about having suicide thoughts, however this is the exact opposite thing you should feel. Your emotions are splendidly characteristic and a lot of individuals have felt regretful previously, however that doesn't benefit them in any way. Rather, acknowledge the emotions that you're having. You'll see that along these lines, you'll have the capacity to push ahead considerably more rapidly, and to keep those contemplations from happening once more. In the event that you harp on your blame and disgrace, you'll really be feeling those affections for more.

Discover a distraction. Indeed, notwithstanding figuring out how to divert yourself, from doing yoga to offering some tea to a dear companion, can enable you to maintain a strategic distance from these suicide thoughts. In case you're centered around something unique that you care about, regardless of whether it's simply something senseless that takes your brain off of your stresses, at that point you'll be in a superior place. You can even influence a rundown of everything you to can do to occupy yourself, so you have some place to turn when you're having self-destructive musings.

Obviously, in case you're genuinely thinking about suicide, it's essential to get help quickly. Yet, in the event that you simply wind up beginning to believe that life is good for nothing, you can endeavor to kill those considerations by swinging to something different.

Converse with a specialist or a therapist

. On the off chance that you are having self-destructive thoughts, you can't avert only them. You should converse with a specialist or advisor to talk about the following stages. An advisor can converse with you about issues previously and can enable you to make a diversion arrangement for the future, and both a specialist and a specialist can check whether you need medicine.


Without going into too much detail I can honestly say I've (stupidly) tried and failed at my attempt, my father however, was successful. From my perspective in those moments of battling the contemplation and the attempt, I felt as though I just did not want to be going thru the issues I was being faced with. But as a father and a husband I can honestly say that the victory over those thoughts is very worth it. I'm a believer so it goes without saying that I rely on my faith to carry me thru life's obstacles, and I would absolutely recommend seeking both spiritual help and counseling. I attend regular anger management sessions and I read the Bible, so for me those things help. Each individual must walk there own path and I can't say what will work and what won't but from one who has been faced with that opposition I can say that it can be fought, and defeated.

Great question and I wish you the best.


When too depressed or being faced with unbearble pains especially emotionally, thinking of ending all the miseries by planning a suicide can comes to one's mind.

If you are a believer or in a religion, praying is really helpful and we can say powerful. Praying gives hope and believing that you are not totally alone, that there is Someone who hears and will answer your prayers the best way for you. Also having a belief that taking your own life is a mortal sin, it will prevent someone from doing it.

Making yourself busy or occupied can also helps in making you feel that something else can be done. That you can still continue living.

Talking or sharing your thoughts to someone you trust can also makes you feel somewhat relieved from all the things that you are keeping to yourself.


1) Get yourself so occupied with the goal that you have no extra time to overthink. An inactive mind is the workshop of the villain.

2) After mandatory works utilize your time in other imaginative exercises according to your decision. Have physical exercise, yoga, pranayama and reflection. All these make you rationally and physically solid.

3) Mix with just constructive disapproved of individuals. Adverse individuals just befuddle you.

4) Submit to God and appeal to Him. Supplication positively affects our lives.

5) Before going to bed get yourself so worn out that rest comes typically.

6) Take response to nature. Nature like a mother will drive out sorrow revive you.

7) Don't sit idle to trouble what others are pondering you.

8) Smile to all. Grin invigorates positive hormones. On the off chance that needs strongly act to be glad. One day you will be extremely glad.

9) Don't contrast yourself and anyone. You with every one of your benefits and negative marks are novel in this world.