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Is trading on cryptocurrency still profitable?
Cryptocurrency trading are very good business that someone can engage in with little capital,what determines your success in the business is not how much capital you started with but it is how much knowledge you have towards cryptocurrency trading as a business

There are many resources online that will teach you or give you strategies that you can use to analyse the cryptocurrency market and know the trading decisions to make on the market, because making good decision on the market is what determine your success in the business and how much profit you will make

Someone that do not have the superb knowledge about the business might not find the business profitable and they might start gambling on the market and they might loose their investment if there is no luck on their side,the bottom line is that just make sure you know how to trade then you wil make so much money from the cryptocurrency business
Honestly speaking yes crypto has still lot of potential in it. Especially if someone is targeting it for a longer period.
If someone intends to invest in this business, one should be very careful and have proper study of the crypto currencies, which he/she intend to buy.
One should also be very clear which type of investment he/she wants to make i.e short term or day trading, medium term and long term.
It seems that prices are at the lower side and eventually will go up if invested for the longer period. The point here is one should invest only that much of amount which he can afford to hold for a longer period.
If someone is will for short term, he should have proper market research before entering into some coins. It is also advisable to have some analytical tools available in the market to form an opinion.
Another point where many of us make a mistake is that one should not invest all the money in one coin instead invest should be diversified.
One should not make all the investment at once in one time instead investment should be made in steps.
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Yes, trading in cryptocurrency is still profitable because this is the starting of crypto world and still more people are involving in cryptocurrency. After the approval of ETF millions of funds will come into market and the price will 100% spike up so its yes profitable business but in a proper way and you need the patients of holding your crypto coin for profit. If you hold it you will win otherwise you will be in huge loss if you keep selling your coins.
yes it is profitable for long term , like you buy an house and leave it for next 5 years that when the price increases by 30 % you will sell it but when you buy crypto and leave it for 5 years , with the same amount by which you bought that house , you can now able to buy the 10-12 houses .
Ever since i have known forex trading i have cone to understand and know that the business has

always been profitable when done in the proper way and using the proper channel,cryptocurrency

has made alot of people to turn to millionaires
and it has improved the lifestyle of many

people,cryptocurrency market will always be available for profitability for those that

understand the market so well and they know what to do to be able to gain profits from the

market,without understanding the market it will be

so difficult for some people to earn money from the market so that is why if you to want to earn

from the market you have to be so informed about the market and be well informed about the

way to manage their investments because that is the best way you can also become a profit taker

in the business too,so yes cryptocurency trading is still profitable and will always be profitable...