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Would you love to live on other planets if you had the opportunity?

In our solar system? Absolutely not!

Let's consider the planets other than Earth. I'm assuming you mean living on the planet surface.



  • No atmosphere 
  • Day side temperature almost up to 430 C, too fucking hot, man!
  • Night side temperature down to -180 C. No, thanks.
  • A completely inhospitable, dead and barren world


  • Should be easy to get a nice tan real quick



  • Surface temperature about 500 C
  • Atmospheric pressure about 90 bar at surface level


  • Seriously?



  • Atmospheric pressure 2% of that on Earth, must use pressure suit when going out
  • Average temperature -55 C - not exactly surfers paradise
  • Water only found in the polar regions - not exactly surfers paradise


  • Gravity is about 38% of that on surface of the Earth. 

Jupiter + Saturn + Uranus + Neptune


  •  No solid surface to live on, the atmosphere turns from gaseous into liquid gradually. 
  • Too cold and too much radiation. 

Pluto  (...oh wait, no longer classified as a planet)


I would. The earth is overcrowded already and too many people keep getting in others way. One can rarely keep to himself without others coming to intrude. Maybe more space is what we need.

Growing up, I always had a wish. My wish was that I could just be left a lonely in an island where I can do whatever I want to without anyone coming in or out around to disturb me. I'm tired of hearing people telling me what should be an issue what I'm supposed to be doing. Going somewhere different, like Mars would be a welcome change.

I have ideas, sometimes extreme ideas, about them way I want to live my life but people don't get it. They are always have a model, one they think everyone should follow.

Is its wrong to think bad actually outside of the confines of a system. Can't I just free to be me? 

I tell friends I might not get married and they pick offences and asking me why I'd even think of such an horrible thing. They Alsop ask what I want my parents to feel afterwards telling then that. My reply most times is also a question. Did they give birth to me just so I can give them kids, continue the family's name? There's more to my life and I don't went to live life doing everyone's bidding but mine. I bet tired most times and imagine a time when I would not be bothered about other people; what they think of me and say.


If there would be other planets where human can live, I would love to visit it or live there for a while if there will be an opportunity.

If it is like visiting another country where you can go back to your home country when you feel liking it, then why not. It would be nice to experience living in a different place for a while but not permanently. As the saying goes, there is no other place like home.

So if it will be a one way trip, I would not like it. Also if the planet is not really a liveable place like you would need to always wear a helmet for the oxygen or you can just live in a spaceship, I would not be willing to live there.

Not unless we really need to evacuate in other planet cause earth is no longer a place for humans kind of scenario.


Of course I would love to live outside the planet earth but then at all borders around other important question. I wouldn't just come running off to another planet I don't know what it has to offer. Just as I would prefer one city to another, one state to another, one tribe to another and would leave a place for another and sometimes turn down offers just to remain where I am so would also give due considerations before leaving mother earth.

I love adventures and love traveling also, so If I would leave the earth it will firstly be for the adventure but then to stay out their would really be dependent on the stare that planet.

Earth has its disadvantages considering our physical and social environment but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's all bad here but I am in for a new adventure and for a change of environment.


I don't know on which other planet I'd seize the opportunity to live. I think my most adored one is Saturn with each one of its rings, yet I don't know how incredible it is live there!

I also don't grasp what people would do for the duration of the day on Saturn, so who knows, conceivably I'd mull over the environment on that planet… or maybe nobody would work there.


There was a request concerning my most cherished places on Earth – and I just couldn't pick! So I figure I would love to explore the Earth to a regularly expanding degree.

In case I HAD to picked another planet I maybe should need to live on Mars and besides endeavor and find signs for seismic tremors there.


I would go to the planet Vulcan (if it really existed!) in light of the fact that the Vulcan's are incredible specialists and I figure they could support me a ton! Moreover the air there is the proportional as Earth so I know I could make due there


I was reading about the planned space trip to mars, this perked my ears up when I read about it, and i think that is an amazing thing for us humans to accomplish in my lifetime and I would love to see it go ahead.

I don't know about going to live on another planet myself as there is so much that I would miss here on earth but the idea of us landing and living on mars really makes me think that this might open doors to a new generation.

The problem I see at the minute is that the earth is so over populated and when you visit a city it can be very crowded with people, and peoples attitudes to one another seem to have got worse over the years. moving to another planet might solve some of the overcrowding issues we face here on earth.

 The way I feel about me leaving and living somewhere else is somewhat strange, I like my life as it is now, is this because this is all I have known all my life or is it what society wants us to believe? 

To make this decision I would need the answer to a few questions to give a better reply to this as I am having trouble thinking outside the box. 

1. Would my wife and children be with me? because if not i ain't going nowhere.

2. Would we still be able to communicate with our home planet? 

3. Could we still come back to earth if we changed our minds?

Now if earth was coming to an end and we had to leave for another planet to live and keep the human race going then that would be a different story.