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Is it true that many ICO’s are now a new form of ponzi scheme?
ICO means initial coin offering and normally it is supposed to be used by the company to raise capital for their start-up but these days what we have is that many ponzi scheme operators or fraudsters now use initial coin offering to extort money from people

There are hundreds of ICO that are now coming out almost every week and only about less than thirty percentage are reliable and truly genuinely a company that is really ready to launch their cryptocurrency which means that out of every ten ICO only three of them can be trusted and invested on

Please note that the 30% which i mentioned is my own personal observations based on my personal analysis but i am not that very far from the truth which is that many ICO these days are just looking for investors to defraud and after the ICO ends the operators will just run away

So my advice to people is that they should always do their own investigations about an ICO before they invest on them because a Good ICO have so many advantages for an investor while a bad ICO will only drain the pocket of the investor
We have many uncountable ICO’s in the cryptocurrency market and it is making the

cryptocurrency industry to become more popular and a useful tool to earn money,but it seems the

more ICO’s that are created the more we will find some of them which are purely created for

fraud,because some ICO’s are scam is a good

reason for anyone to do alot of investigations whenever they want to invest in an ICO which

means initial coin offering,some ICO’s are outright scam while some are ponzi schemes and some

were just created by spammers to toy with the emotions of people,same way we have bad ICO is

the same way we have good ICO,some ICO’s are legit and reliable and has a great future

ahead,such ICO are good for investment because when the investor buys it at a very early stage at a

very cheap price,when the coin finally enters the exchange market it will enable the investor to

make so much profits from that investment so that is why finding a good ICO is one of the best

ways to make money on the cryptocurrency market...