What can be done to stop the rape culture?

It sounds scary for countries where there is a rape culture. I have an idea of where these countries might be but I won't name them as it may sound offensive and biased. I guess, this culture exist due to the acceptance of it by the public in some way and not enough is done to punish those who have done it. 

This sort of crime could be reduced by the general education of the general population to let them know that rape is something that isn't morally right and is type of crime punishable by law. The next thing is that, there needs to be a stronger government intervention into rape. This should be treated as a serious crime and nationalized for those who have done it. In Malaysia and Singapore, it usually carries a high price for those who have raped or even molest. Just molesting someone could carry a jail term of 30 years in Malaysia and I think if the victims who have been raped and reported. 


This is today's new. In Malaysia, It is seen as shameful for those who have done sinful acts like this. If it's in Singapore, even the name of the one who have done this will be placed in the newspaper with his picture for all to see. I guess, digitization of these crimes would help and if everyone spread it on Facebook, many would be not want to commit these crime as it would bring shame. 

The local community needs to step in and more activist need to be brave enough to voice out on their thoughts about these perpetrators.  Then the everyone have to make sure to let the government know that they want strict laws that are against rape. It is something that isn't right and there should be a counseling group to victims who have been raped and scared permanently in their mind.