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Do someone have to start a business before they can become rich?
Becoming rich is possible as a salary owner though it might not be as easy as it will be for a person with a successful business,but we also have to understand that wealth is relative because what i might consider as wealth could be something that someone else do not consider as wealth

A salarybcan become very rich by investment some of their income on good investments,the more investments a salary owner invests then the more wealth they can create,and also there is nothing stopping a salary owner from owning a business,the salary earner can simply just open a a business and find a good manager to help him or her manage the business since the salary owner will not have the time to monitor the business daily

But another thing is that it depends on the salary of the person,if the person salary is very small then it might be very difficult for them to become. Wealthy except if they get a salary increase in the future
I do not think it should be that way. Business can start anytime, whether after or before rich. Many people are already rich, but still doing business. They have a lot of capital, and many of them are also successful.

Business can be done by anyone, anytime and anywhere. The rich or not the rich have equal opportunities to succeed in business. The success of the business is determined by the individual's ability. The rich may be easier because of a lot of capital. That's what sets it apart from the poor. But if we have a good network, we can also get capital or loan.
Starting a business can make someone
Truly rich but we must note that it is not all
Business people that became rich through
A business which they are doing,some people
Became rich because they have some other
Investments which they do which gives them
Extra income and made them to be rich

Now i am not saying that someone cannot be
Rich by strictly doing business,what i am just
Trying to clarify is that it is not compulsory that
Someone must do business before they can
Be rich,some people enjoy working in a
Company and they do not need to necessarily
Do business before they can become rich
They can also become rich when they get to
Greater heights in their various careers

Though i see that we have more wealthy businessmen or businesswomen than we have
Wealthy salary earners whether male or female,
Also some business are not as profitable as
Someone would expect them to be and when
We do such business then we might not be
Rich by doing such kind of business
to became rich you need money first and to start a business you need an idea and money , if you have any of these noone can stop you,