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When should we actually begin to teach kids how to be independent?

Teaching kids to be independent is one of the important things to do to help them make their own life choices. Some parents tend to neglect that and often try to impose their choices to the kids and the kids have to accept that as he did not taught to take his own decisions. 

 I think as children can really adopt any thing quickly and they tend to follow what they used to see. So it would be preferable to teach the at the early stage of life about independence. It can be started in between 1-2 years. 

When they starts to walk independently, that is when their brain grows rapidly and when they stars to talk a little, then they can follow any given rules. We can start on that stages by teaching them through some short task and decisions. Like- which books you want to be read, what shirt would you preferred to ware etc. This will teach them passively how important their choices is and they have to choose their things. 

Other thing is giving them short task in the age of 3-5 years. Like doing some house chores, spending their hand money on something useful etc.

And when they comes to the age of 6-10 they should be given some freedom to choose their things, to speak up their needs etc.

So we can choose level of teaching to make them independent. They may not understand or cope with it quickly but they gradually can improve if we starts it at the early stages of life. That is when they grows their thoughts and behaviors and can cope & adopt quickly. So teaching them at the very beginning through our words and tasks is the best period I believe.

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I believe kids should be taught to be independent as early as 5years of age. I believe at this age, they should be able to copy and practice what they see. Children easily learn to be independent when they are taught and showed the example. An example i have always loved is a scenario where a pastor said, he does not give his children offerings anymore. His kids should be 7years and 10years but as young as they are, he does not give them offerings again.

This is because he has taught them that an offering you bring to God should be something you have worked for, or could have used for something else but you choose to sacrifice it as an offering for God. With this understanding, his kids now use part of the money they are given to buy something in school. This they have been doing and this is a great example of a situation where the children have been taught to be independent already.

We can teach every child at every age to be independent given the right way and with appropriate comprehensible examples. 


To show a child to be indipendent you need to initially see how they think.

As per Erik Eriksons( 1902-1994) psychosocial hypothesis..." a kid developes in three phases".

*First stage(Birth-1 years age), amid this time kids find out about trust and question. When they are babies they are furnished with consideration. They are sustained and perceives a fringe situation as their own.

*Second stage(1-3 years age), amid this age they find out about independence and clashes of self-rule and disgrace.

* Third stage(3-6 years age) amid this time they find out about intiative and clashes of activity versus blame.

Presently amid their second stage they begin to perceive what is dicision and how it functions and how to settle on a choice. For instance they would begin picking toys, what garments they like and what nourishments they lean toward. they begin finding out about personal conduct standards, for example, feelings, discourse, fun and so on so if guardians show the children being indipendent at this age range they should work the most. They separate among great and terrible and what the decision then they would make between them relies upon what their folks educate as they follow the guardians and also care-givers frames of mind at this age the most..